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Hey guys, a bit hesitant on what size to get. this'll be my first "nice" EDC pen. Struggling between whether to get large or medium. i've primarily used uniball 207s and pilot g2s, so I'm leaning towards the large size as it seems more in line with those. However, I really like the black coating, but would have to settle for a medium as a result. Do you think it would be a significant difference between the two sizes? I had bought another pen and returned it because it was too small for my liking (4.4 inches iirc) hence why I'm worried about this decision. Thanks!
Hi there, the medium is probably the closest to a standard sized pen in terms of length (a little over 5"), you shouldn't have any problems there. The Bolt - L tends to be a little longer but works well for those who are committed to the G2 refill. I don't think either will be too small.
Any tips on how to polish scratches? I was a moron and tried to clean off some oxidation with an ink eraser, which typically works for my titanium watches but didn't work out too great here.
I use this for all of my metal polishing. But next time you just want to remove patina, just wipe with some Tarn-x, then rinse, and it’s as bright as new.
My medium brass pen has arrived. I do have some concerns that are echoed by Pukeko. There are some sharp edges on this pen, it has drawn blood from my thumb a couple of times now. Also the pen is not as refined as i thought it would be. It seems a bit chunkier than expected at this price point. Overall i am satisfied probably a 3/5 review. 
Medium Brass pen arrived yesterday. Really happy with it. The Brass is gorgeous and the finish is super smooth. Two things though: 1) The spring inside is way too strong. 2) The cutout path for the bolt needs to be deburred. There are some uncomfortably sharp edges along there. Here it is along side my Copper Tactile Turn. The two really compliment one another.

The spring in the Copper Tactile Turn was a little slopping (too loose). So I ended up swapping the springs in the two pens above and now they are even with one another, requiring equal pressure to engage the bolt action. Quite comfortable.
Got my body large. It’s a nice pen overall. I bought the large because it takes my favorite refill (pilot g2). The medium length probably would’ve been better though. I wanted and edc but prefer the pilot g2 refill. Guess I’m still on the hunt for a perfect pen. This is close. :-/
Do these come with ink?
Yep, they sure do. 👍🏼
Mine has not arrived yet. Has anybody else gotten theirs since the drop ended?
“Estimated ship date is Nov 2, 2018 PT.” We still have a bit of time before then.
I received mine yesterday 10/30/2018
Any chance there could be some additional medium brass (preferred) or onyx available? If so, I would be in now for 1.
Interested to know when the onyx medium would be in stock again. Thanks!
Possible to let me know when Brass Large is available?
No more Brass Medium? That's a shame...
No more Onyx medium? That's a shame.
@JCHENG Is the large size compatible with Uni-ball Signo or Jetstream refills?
I'm still looking for someone who might want to buy my Brushed Chrome (Large)! It's brand new and unused. I got it and realized it was too heavy for me to want to carry around, and it's been in the box ever since. Let me know! Email me at:
No large Onyx option? I'm definitely interested in this drop and I love the look of the Onyx pen, but I'd prefer to use G2 refills.
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The medium comes with the P8126, very popular. Besides that refill I would recommend the Schmidt 9000 easyflow -- kind of a ballpoint version which is very popular as well.
Would definitely like to see this pen in other metals like Copper and Stainless Steel. Ordered the Brass one to go with the Tactile Turn Copper Slider Bolt-Action pen I just received. Now looking for something in SS. 🖊
Any of these work with Fischer fillings?
No, they are not compatible with the Fisher refills
i want to remove the clip for a more streamlined look, but can’t for the life of me get the back cap off. I can disassemble the pen all the way except that one part is really on there! I’m sure I could do it with a pair of pliers but I don’t want to rough up the pen. Is there an o ring in there or something I don’t know about?
Hey Andrew, if you reach out to we can help you out with that.
just rec’d my two pens (large chrome; small brass)
very impressed with the fit & finish. Now want another small in chrome — great products. I’m pleased.
My god, I couldn't find the word tactical or a listing of the caliber anywhere in this drop. Seems odd.
Thank goodness! 🙄
I have a large Brushed Chrome one to sell. Brand new, only taken out once to click it a few times. Email me if you're interested!
Still got it?
Will the brass patina?
After using this at the busiest writing time of the year, study break, I can say that the Medium size has a very satisfying weight in the hand, which steadies it when drawing lines or diagrams. The build quality is excellent, some very fine machining went into this product. The bolt screw does loosen with normal use from the box, but I took a large flathead to it and gave it a good tighten and haven't had it loosen since. The cap and grip can loosen too, but again with some elbow grease I have made them so they don't slip during normal use. The Scmidt cartridge has a nice sharp point, and good ink flow, but ran out in about a week of writing.
If you reach out to I'd be happy to send over some ink refills, we're glad to hear you like the pen after testing it out in such an intensive writing setting.
Very decent of you!
Just got my large one in Brushed Chrome, and it's really great, except for one thing. After extending and retracting the ink a few times, the round bolt-action nub that sticks out from the pen loosens, because it is actually just screwed into the mechanism inside. When loose, it jiggles, and if not manually tightened, I imagine it would eventually just fall out of the pen. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary with it, it loosens from the natural thumb motion required to engage the bolt-action. Is there any solution to this? Having to worry about this issue ruins the entire pen for me :/
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I am finding that too. I took a large flathead to it and gave it a good tighten and haven't had it loosen since.
Try using a little bit of blue loctite or equivalent thread locking compound, it's basically not optional in knives and I bet the same goes for threaded pen components.
First impressions ...
I got the littlest one in Brass and the largest in Black.
*Very* precise machining. I like that. The threads, the surface, the clicker cutout, how everything lines up ... they are really serious about quality.
The refill has no wiggle. That's one of the things that drives me crazy with pens : when you put them to paper and there is just that little give as the tip of the refill moves around in the housing. None of that is happening here.
That thing is heavy :O and I do mean heavy.
The clicker is just too much fun. Trying to restrain myself not to play with it incessantly, as they warn us not to do that.
Pentel EnerGel refills don't quite fit the large one. It might be just a matter of cutting off a tiny bit at the top, but as is : I am unable to engage the clicker. Didn't spend any time on it but I will come back to this as I really like EnerGels.
Overall : good buy. The little one will make a good knockaround pen just to carry in my pants pocket and the large one as a desk pen.

EDIT: Cutting just a sliver off the top of the Energel made it compatible with the pen. If you try that, remember that you can always shave off just a tiny bit more, but you can't add it back. Unless you start messing with spacers.
Can I completely change my mind? I thought the Chrome was actually stainless steel. I am not a fan of brass covered with a chrome finish. This is disappointing. I would like to back out completely. Please advise.
if possible, can I change mine to brushed chrome?
Will the chrome pen tarnish over time?
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Cool just a heads up though, the brushed chrome version is made from brass coated with a chrome finish.
Great. I'll take the tin model.
@JCHENG How are the silver and black versions coated? Can you talk about your process a little?
The silver is treated with a chrome plating, then brushed -- extremely durable, wont scratch or chip. The black is treated with black oxide, which can last a long time with the proper care, but is more susceptible to mild wear if you drop it or rub it on hard against hard/sharp surface (wouldn't recommend tossing the pen in the same bag as your keys etc). We have pen sleeves designed for each pen size available on our website.
My google-fu fails me ... trying to find a nice comparison shot between the three sizes.
(found a lot of bolt action rifles though, after a few hits of various, mostly unrelated pen pictures)
Here you go, there's a comparison photo for the sizes in the product images for the drop
Ruler for scale shown in previous comment