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I bought this watch because I hadn't seen Invicta up close in a few years. They are, to be fair, awful at service and I their down-market tendencies have permanently tarnished them. However, if you're going to TRY to collect watches this is ONE of the places you COULD start. As I often say, the best entry level automatic watch is the Seiko Orange monster. Then you experiment a little in the used market and then you spend $8000 a year until you die if you're really into watches. If you don't catch the bug then you're only out $200 and all will be right with the world.
I know of people who will pay £400 for a fake Rolex with all the markings, but none of the quality(no matter what they do it will NEVER be a Rolex). Why for gods sake when you can buy a branded watch with a good quality swiss movement for under £150. full guarantee, take it on holiday swimming, diving, if it breaks send it back. sorted.
Oh and if there's one downside to Invicta, and this is a massive one, it is their less than stellar aftersales service. And that's putting it mildly. Not to mention that no watch manufacturer is going to fix water damage for you, it's specifically mentioned in the terms of the warranty.
As a watch collector of over 30 years I can tell you there is one hell of a lot of difference between a watch for $10 and one for $200. cheap crap quartz movement, non water resistant, plastic cased will last you about 6 weeks, this Invicta is a fully certified dive watch with a swiss automatic movement. The only way they can do it for this price is by selling the cheapo ones to idiots and making a loss on the proper watches. i know loads of people with Invicta dive watches who are extremely impressed with build quality and reliability. I bought one so i can wear it on holidays to places where an expensive watch is a liability. barcelona during the festival in september. If someone has this off my wrist i've not lost much, but if they had an omega off me i would be well and truly pissed. really look forward to getting this watch from a very underrated brand and seeing what it's like.
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I own this watch and really enjoy it but I'm fairly sure it's not a certified dive watch and as I recall the movement is a Seiko movement. Good solid reliable watch, for the money it's hard to beat.
If your goal is to buy a value watch that doesnt put you at risk while abroad I wouldn't buy a Rolex Submariner homage. The submariner is the most widely recognized luxury watch in the world and as such when you wear an homage it makes you a target to thieves.
You'd be better off buying a $10 watch from the gas station.
I'm here for the comment section. Aaaaaaaand I loved it!!! Hahaha
I see Invicta watches everywhere! And they always have an MSRP of like $100's of dollars (I've seen ones up to $1,400) yet are selling for $99.99.... Example - Invite Men's 17203 Aviator on Amazon, list price $895 but you can get yours now for the low low price of only $93... that's a savings of 99%...
I'm not even making this up, go search for this watch on Amazon... I can't take a company seriously when it doesn't take it's own products seriously. They aren't worth $900 and they know that, yet they use artificially inflated pricing systems to make you think you're getting a huge deal... It's not just Invicta that does this anymore either, there are a slew of these BS watch brands that do it now. Stuhrling is another example.

By the way, all their pro divers look to be on Amazon for less than $100.... If this is the 8932, you can get it for $53.

Caveat Emptor.
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That they do. With these companies you pay for intangibles like brand and status. In my opinion paying for stuff like this is ridiculous. Plenty of others disagree (or there wouldn't be a Swiss luxury watch industry). People should just get the watches they like whether they are Invicta or JLC. Who cares what other people think of the brand.
That is how I felt about Glycine before the takeover.
I'm buying this watch. However, I will not deal with third party nonsense with Invicta and their history of poor quality control. I will spend the extra 10 dollars and buy it from amazon with no hassle returns if I get a dud. Plus, I can rebuy a different sample ad nauseum until I do get a good one. Plus I get it sooner. Hey, it's a Selita movement sub 200 bucks. And Batman is my grail, but not worth 8000 bucks
This is a very poor quality watch. I question MassDrop in adding this to their site. Seiko is a far superior watch for a little more..
I don't like Invicta as a brand, and am not interested in a homage submariner, so will keep my hard earned money for better use. In example if MD threw a Seiko Flightmaster (quartz) for a similar price, I wouldn't hesitate one second (hint hint Massdrop!)

This being said, I just recently went in on the last drop on a Glycine, which is Invicta now. And I do find the price versus specs to be a good value, particularly with that movement. I doubt someone could find a homage sub with such specs for such a price. So I do understand the ones who went in. Am just not part of them :)
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I agree on the bezel, which is a deception, it feels cheap. For the rest, I find "absolute garbage" to be a very harsh comment. Overall the watches case is very well finished, the display back well executed, the dial as pretty as the pics and the display movement very pretty. The NATO it came with is nice also, but that hardly counts.

I'm not sure if I'll keep it or flip it, more likely I'll flip it as there is something I don't manage to get used to with the case shape on my chicken wrist. But in my owner's opinion, it's definitely not absolute garbage. Below my expectations, particularly the bezel? Sure! But I can't fault it on other things so far. Just not sure it's my type of watch/case shape.
Can't judge Invicta owned Glycine production ("Armani" like logo??). I got one from the beginning of 2015 so pre-invicta. I was torn between Longines HC and Glycine Combat sub....gone for Glycine (read many comparison and then hands on comparison it was 70 to 30 for Glycine). So garbage is word I would avoid as much as it is possible as it definitely is(was) not true. Bezel is very susceptible to dents and scratches - but I am afraid it's normal as it is aluminium- Longines HC bezel fades who is to blame for garbage. What is not normal is price for bezel and it's availabity- I got offer from AD to get new for about 1/5 price of watch at grey market.....compared to Steinharts price for ceramic is insane.
Even with such cosmetic issues I have never regretted my choice(last measuring period which is now about three weeks Iam no more than -1s/day!!!!)-quality corresponds with original pricetag (I know I can get for about 500$ new at Jomashop etc. but there is or was big problem with warranty and Glycine when bought online and not from authorised dealer - local AD did not accept warranty repairs from such purchase and was backed by Glycine dealer rules)
Till the Invicta step up to Glycine ownership I was happy and proud owner...I know that Glycine is much less credible now and when I saw latest modern skeleton airman...I was just disappointed and started to believe that there will me much more influence from Invicta than it would be bearable (well Combat sub 48mm??? WTF??? ), such a shame to drown classy company (airman has definitely its place in watchmaking history ).
But I still hope they maintain quality of pre-invicta production, if not then I hope there is a place in hell for those who are responsible for this. 😈
Does it say "LAME" fusion crystal instead of "flame" on the back? :O
Wow, Invicta? An $80 watch for $180??? Good bye Massdrop, it's been fun. I can't take you seriously anymore.
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This is a step up from the other pro-divers, this has a Sellita SW200 movement as opposed to the NH35 and solid end-links as opposed to folded end-links
The sellita is a better movement, or for the Seiko biased, equally as good. the build quality on the bracelet of this watch is far better than the cheap ones. Invicta let themselves down badly by making a very cheap range as it demeans their better quality pieces which can be excellent.