iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum (Refurb)search

iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum (Refurb)

iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum (Refurb)

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I would caution this based on the specs listed. I bought a refurb 980 and was lied to on the specs. My refurbished 980 did not include a Lithium Ion battery as the specs listed in the product and on mass drop. I was sent a NiMH instead and told it was "superior" but it wouldn't run for more then 60 minutes and took 16 hours to charge. My Lithium Ion battery from iRobot takes 2 hours to charge and lasts 2 hours.

Battery: lithium-Ion
Charging time: 120 minutes

First, this will likely not be a lithium Ion battery if from the same refurbished company I got mine from a few weeks ago ( So caution there. Second your warranty is to just return the whole thing.
It does in fact come with a lithium ion battery.
Nice. My 980 came with an NiMH in place. Glad this is a legit one.
Some interesting reading, and the main reason I didn't join this drop, beyond the "no warranty" issue.
Mind that this is not the smart one... This is the one that adapts on the go, so it will not make the best performance mapping (therefore spend more battery)...
Is this a non wifi/movile app controlled model?
Bought one of these last time it dropped. So far, so good. Everything works as advertised. We run it every other day. Picks up tons of hair and loose fibers. Still within the 90 day Warranty period. Will update if major malfunction
I purchased one and have had problems with mine from the beginning. The Roomba has now reset itself 5 times clearing its internal clock and schedule so it doesn't clean while I am away. It also seems to constantly veer to the right and has repeatedly stopped in the middle of the room and turned itself off. I contacted Roomba and they say that they can do nothing for me since massdrop is not an authorized retailer. I have contacted massdrop and they have only responded with automated emails, But never actually anyone who can help. I am getting the feeling that they know there is an issue and now they want nothing to do with the people who purchased the roombas
It looks like you got a defective unit. The vendor has already reached out to us in regards to this and says they will be more than happy to replace the unit and include a shipping label to return the defective unit back to them. If you have not already please report this issue to Massdrop Community support.
I have reached out to massdrop over a week ago. I got nothing but automated response emails from a bot calling itself Joshua. Today I received an email stating that the issue was being looked into After 9 days. But that is still not an answer or a solution to the issue. The way this is being handled is very unprofessional and disappointing to say the least.
So far so good, schedule cleanings go off every morning and the vacuum is full of pet hair! Might need to up it to twice per day to keep up with my austrailian shepherd.
iRobot says that because isn't an authorized reseller, there is no warranty.
I was tempted to join this drop, but I definitely won't unless someone from massdrop weighs in on this.
Does this ship to Australia?
What voltage / frequency is it rated for ?
Here is what I found for now :
How much is shipping to Canada for this item?
Yeah,and how much for Montreal, Quebec?
Yeah what is the warranty just 90 days?
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How much was it?
Mine is. You are very lucky
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