Italix Commodore's Credential Fountain Pensearch

Italix Commodore's Credential Fountain Pen

Italix Commodore's Credential Fountain Pen

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This one looks really neat, and my previous Italix pen has been a joy to handle. Still, the price is rather high compared to buying directly from MrPen in UK for us in the EU at least. On Amazon, you might break even, but they don't have nearly as many nib options.
If the cap does NOT post, then why does it still say: Length, posted: 5.7 in (14.5 cm) in the description area?
Does the cap post or not?
Please correct or change the description area, as needed.
Cap does not post. Disregard that measurement
I have been very happy with mine, and I have found the nib glassy smooth. I think there are a couple of things to be aware of. As mentioned below, the section can unscrew instead of the cap. This becomes more pronounced with use, as the barrel threads loosen and the user inevitably gets some ink into the threads for the cap making those stickier. Second, my clip broke off. If you examine pictures of the cap carefully, you can see that it is a single strip of metal bent to create the clip. There is no reinforcement at the bend, and mine weakened quickly before snapping off. Also, I don’t post my pens; this one does not allow the user to post.

These are the negatives to think about. The positives? You can get a beautiful (this is the most attractive of the Italix pens imho), distinctive writer for much less money than anywhere else. This pen can go into the boardroom easily, and I find the medium italic oblique cut to write majestically. People who spend ridiculous amounts on pens will notice and appreciate yours. And people who don‘t will admire your handwriting without knowing why.
Total rubbish.
Regardless of any other feature this pen may have, the inability to post the cap renders it completely useless to me. Unlike the pen Brown reviews in the video below, my cap isn't "somewhat" difficult to post, it's impossible to post--as if that feature was of no concern to the design or manufacture of the pen in the first place. So, without posting, what you end up with is a barrel that is too short and too light to grip comfortably. The plastic section feels cheap and tapers at such an angle that the tighter one grips it, the further one's fingers slide down to the nib itself. I don't have a scale, but the with the cap in one hand and the rest of the pen in the other, the cap feels noticeably heavier than the rest of the pen--I'd estimate the cap comprises 2/3rds of the pens entire weight--meaning that what initially feels like a substantial pen in the hand, is reduced to a cheap feeling, featherweight pen once the cap is removed.

I see the commenter below mentions the "mirror finish" of the pen. I suppose that was one of the features that contributed to my purchase decision as well. Let me assure you, the pen looks much better in the photograph, than it does in your hand.

I am tempted to skip any discussion of the nib because without the ability to employ it, what's the use of it?! None the less, for those readers with small hands and vise-grip fingers, the nib isn't half bad. I chose the italic nib suggested for left-handed users. Looking down at the nib, the cut slopes down from right to left. The design prevents the sharp edge of a typical italic nib from digging into the page as a left-handed person writes. And to that degree, the design works, but for the reasons listed above, my experience actually writing with the pen was short and unenjoyable.
My advice is to avoid this pen. I don't recall what I paid for it (and I hope to hell it isn't what Brown quoted), but if I were to estimate it's worth, I'd value it's worth at $15, and no more. For all it's German design and engineering roots, I have paid less than ten dollars for Chinese pens that are far more usable than this MISTAKEN purchase. And one more thought--why did I wait two months for the pen to arrive? Is this the Massdrop model? Not impressed.
Thanks for the heads up. My Edison pens do not post, but they do not need to (plenty of length). For guys with big hands, a pen needs to post unless it is sufficiently large.
Good to hear someone’s experience good or ba. These are indeed things to really consider. I am reading more than a few folks posting about their experience(s) with their pens.
I appreciate the information. I had looked at this the last drop, but didn’t join. Seeing it came around again, I am glad to have this discussion forum available.
Curious if anyone has contacted Italix or MD regarding their displeasure with their pens, if so has anyone received a reply ? I am thinking I will pass - too many things to consider. Thanks for the feedback
Does anyone know if the section on this pen plastic or metal?
Watched the SBRE Brown review :
And even with the 2 main complaints, problems posting and the barrel occasionally unscrewing, the review is very positive. In the video writing sample I think he has the PIN combo down for the nib. Italic Medium and Akkerman Royal Blue - Looks great. I am liking that nib - I think I could over look the 2 issues for a great writing experience.
However, it might end up costing a little extra if I need to order some Akkerman Royal Blue ;)
I should add - I don't normally post, but - If I did, I a not sure I'd want to with this pen. It has such a great mirror finish, I wouldn't want to risk damaging it by posting -
Has the pen been re-designed so that it now posts securely? Many in the discussion below say the cap does NOT post; Massdrop description says it does. Can we have clarification (my guess is no we can't)?
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Anyone, including Brown, who claims this pen's cap will post AT ALL or to ANY degree, is mistaken. You could try pounding it on with a hammer and it wouldn't post.
This sounds like bad manufacturing tolerances -- never a good sign.
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Are there any import costs or is it just the shipping cause this company is in the uk
I'd also like to express interest in the fine cursive stub. I'd jump on this right now if it were an option. I love my Parson's essential and just want something with a thinner line I can keep inked up.
I wish we had the option of a Fine Cursive Stub like we've had with other models. That's usually my favorite kind of Italix nib. Any explanation for why it's not available at all for this one?
The barrel also untwisted on mine, in addition to the non-posting. I have five other Italix pens and love the brand, especially the low price high performance custom nibs. No problems with any of the other five I have, so I would guess this is an issue of the company working with a new body material and not getting things exactly right. I would suggest new potential buyers start with one of the older more established Italix models like the Parsons Essential (#5 nib) or the Captain's Commission (#6 nib) which appear very frequently on MD.