Italix English Curate Fountain Pensearch

Italix English Curate Fountain Pen

Italix English Curate Fountain Pen

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Does anyone know which, if any, of Italix pens offer a #6 nib as opposed to a #5? Thanks
I don't know for sure but you can always check out their website..... I'm waiting for a Churchmans's Prescriptor to come up.
Is there a way to add on a second nib with out purchasing an entire second pen?
Does anyone have any experience with the gold nibs? I really want the gold nib, but it looks like no one bought that one.
A shame it didn't reach lowest price point... and it was so close.
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I got the Viper Strike recently and I really like it. The one Italix I'm still waiting to see on Massdrop is their flagship, the Imperium State. If it doesn't drop I'll just get it from Mr Pen... eventually.
I'm probably almost as excited about your 78 as you are, lol.
Hahaha! I will post extensive pics and a comprehensive review.
Have been waiting for this drop to return for a while now. This is the best Italix pen Massdrop offers.
I even saved a bit of a money vs buying directly from Mr. Pen. This will be my 3rd Italix pen and I hope Massdrop can offer the Imperium State at some point.
Buy this pen if you like writing.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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Can someone please explain the difference between the nib types or what they look like...
The price on Mr. Pen is 66 British pounds + 10.50 shipping for a total cost of approximately 77 GBP. This equals US$95. Where is the $197 MSRP from?
That's where:
Mr. Pen's own recommended retail price (RRP) is £149.
Fair enough although the MSRP reference is a bit misleading when Mr. Pen, the only online retailer of Italix I have found, sells the pen "regularly" for half the MSRP. I suppose the message is "caveat emptor". It makes sense to check the price elsewhere because often a product can be found for well below the MSRP to which Massdrop compares its drop prices (As others have noted).
Please clarify your oblique nib descriptions: a "left-handed oblique" could be a "left oblique," or more descriptively, a "left-footed oblique." This type of nib would more likely be used by a right-handed person, since they tend to rotate their nibs inward. Correspondingly, a "right-handed oblique" could be a "right oblique" or a "right-footed oblique," which would be more likely to be used by a left-handed person, for the same reason. So you should clarify whether your terms mean the way the nib is cut, or the handedness of the writer. The handedness designation is not foolproof, since some left-handed underwriters, including myself, tend to rotate the nib outward, and therefore do better with a left-footed oblique. You see how confusing this can get, but it is very important for the customer to know which nib is meant. I strongly prefer the terms "left-footed" and "right-footed," since they refer to the shape of the nib, and have nothing to do with the handedness of the writer.

The following image, with the top of the nib on the left and the bottom on the right, is of a left-footed oblique nib (think of the shape of the toes at the end of the foot). This nib can variously be called left oblique, right-handed oblique (because it's usually used by right-handers), or just plain oblique (because left-footed oblique nibs are much more common than right-footed obliques). It could also be used by left-handers, if they like to turn their nibs outward.

You can see how easy it can be to order the wrong nib if these definitions are not made clear.
I think they've described them as such to simplify them for people who don't aren't familiar with obliques. For a right-handed writer, if you want an oblique, you're probably going to want an oblique like the one in your image (a left-oblique), and v.v. for left-handed writers. The nomenclature is also confused by several manufacturers describing obliques the opposite way (i.e. saying left-obliques are right-obliques). I think for previous Italix drops they've called left-obliques just "oblique" and right-obliques "reverse oblique".
I purchased this pen in August, on the last drop, and I love it. I need a new nib, however. Completely my fault; I allowed a friend, who has no idea how to use a fountain pen, to use it and the tines bent. I've tried, gently, to re-bend them, but no luck :-( I've searched the Mr Pen website and, perhaps I'm overlooking it, but I'm not seeing a replacement in for this pen. Does one exist?
Got mine today. I already had one, gifted to me, that had been customized, so my criticisms around the ugly plastic jewel aren't relevant. The big annoyance, to me, is that the blue marble design is basically "striped". The lion's share of it is a dark, not at all visually interesting blue. It looks like an artifact of lighting in the website photos.. and the existing specimen that I had was one of the geometric patterns, which doesn't have the odd sort of striped effect. EXTREMELY disappointed that the nice iridescent pearly blue doesn't completely cover the entire pen. That said: It writes like a dream and feels like a dream in my hand. The 22k nib does indeed flex reasonably, and it has good flow - no interruptions, but not wet noodle sloppy. It remains to be seen how it will live in daily use, but I expect it to be as good as the other plainer tipped one I have. Net savings with Massdrop? 8 bucks give or take.. minus whatever one of the nicer leather boxes that come standard cost, minus the price of of removing the ugly plastic jewel on the end, polishing, etc. Also minus the ability to send it back to Mr. Pen because the pattern isn't as nice as it's photographed to look. Shame on me for not paying attention to those details.. those are on me... but shame on whoever took the photographs for not getting better all-around shots of the blue pattern. If the "dark" sections basically lined up in any capped configuration it would be doable, but it's machined such that there's no matchup there. Perplexing. Instead of buying a second Curate, I should've just picked up another Pilot Falcon elsewhere. :) So.. lesson learned.
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Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Italix English Curate Fountain Pen and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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