Italix Freshman's Notator Fountain Pensearch

Italix Freshman's Notator Fountain Pen

Italix Freshman's Notator Fountain Pen

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Okay after much soul-searching I have come to the conclusion that I have been sold a lemon. The nib refuses to write at any angle, and with multiple inks. I flushed it with dish soap, and left in a cartridge overnight to prime the feed, but no luck. This was to be my first Italix pen (giving in to the hype) and it's been a disaster. I cannot in good conscience sell it on either, as it flat out doesn't work (as another commentator mentioned, if this was a beginner's pen, beginners would go back to ball-points). My first disappointment after 3 fountain pen drops, and it was the cheapest! go figure...
Recieved mine today. Disappointingly, the colour of the barrel is nowhere near as vibrant as the picture suggests
This Italix fountain pen is a disaster. After a day of trying to use it, the cap no longer posts securely and simply falls off the end of the barrel. It is much too scratchy for a factory italic or cursive italic nib, of which I own several. The section squeaks annoyingly when being screwed into the barrel. I want to see if a replacement is equally problematic. If so, I have no use for this pen. Ironically, it’s billed as a beginner’s pen. A beginner would go back to ballpoints if they thought that this was what fountain pens are all about. Nice yellow, though.
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what was your follow up? I was similarly flabbergasted to find a nib that was scratchy and a feed that didn't ... so I've emailed support as well.
This will answer you and Liz. I asked for a replacement, and asked that it be tested. The service was courteous, but I was told that it couldn’t be tested. Ok, as long as I wasn’t going to be charged extra. The pen I received was identical in every way. Same cap that falls off when posted, same inadequately smoothed nib, same industrial screech when I unscrew the section. The pen lacks any redeeming features, other than the mustard shade, which I happen to like. It will go into my museum of expensive fails. The service could not have been more courteous and conscientious.
Oh no... I can’t make up my mind! Lilac or Yolk Yellow...
I ordered white, but now think Yellow might be better ... anyone have experience with the colours?
This is the one Italix pen that I don’t love. I’m sure it’s a defect with my pen, but it’s a real gusher. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but it still delivers far too much ink, and you can really see a thick bead of ink.

Further, you should be aware that although Peter Ford says to contact him at Mr. Pen if you’re unhappy about anything, if you do so, you will get an email telling you that the nibs are hand ground and will likely be smoother than any other nib you’ve ever used. Now that’s certainly a true statement, but it really doesn’t help solve the problem. Having a very smooth nib that delivers an excessive amount of ink doesn’t solve the problem, because now you have a pen that writes super smooth, but is useless for note taking or correspondence, and Mr. Ford is apparently not willing to do anything to resolve the issue, save to invite you to contact him, and when you do, to tell you that his nibs are the smoothest you will ever use. Concerning this pen, Mr. Ford says: “... liberal flow is a characteristic of the pen.... The refund option is not permitted as the pen was bought from Massdrop.” Caveat Emptor.
Another caution: make sure the nib unit is completely screwed into the section/grip! Mine was protruding past the second thread and, of course, would not draw ink correctly from the converter.

This is my second Italix, and my second cursive stub. I'm left-handed, and I love my Parson's Essential. I expected to love this one immediately as well. Not so much.

While lovely to look at, I am still working on flow issues with the nib, and far from posting with a click, it doesn't post at all.

It isn't a loose or flimsy grip between cap and barrel - it's nonexistent. I would think there may be some component missing in the cap, but capping the pen is quite secure and does indeed click to confirm the seal. Since Mr. Pen's description of this model also states "Push click cap, also push click when posting cap," I can't imagine what's amiss. If something were missing, I would expect neither capping nor posting to work properly.

My hands are average size, and I'm finding that I miss the extra length and weight posting would provide. My fingers slip a bit on the highly polished section. As a stopgap, I added a small rubber ring (not sure I'd call it an o-ring, as it is relatively thick) to the outside of the barrel. The cap doesn't slide over it, as I had hoped, but it does allow a precarious posting.
It sounds as though a cursive nib would be fantastic for a lefty who's tired of scratching any kind of paper (such is the life of a southpaw). Can anyone else corroborate this supposition?
Lefty here, and this is my favorite pen in the world. The regular nib (not cursive) is buttery smooth for me. Granted, I haven't written with $100 pens or nibs, but given how pretty this pen is, and how nice it writes, I see no need. I have the cursive nib as well, and I'm not sure if it's my technique or left handedness, but it's not as smooth as the regular italic for me. It's still amazing, and I would definitely recommend.
Copy error! You have the drop price listed as higher than the list. And the savings is trivial, especially when adding shipping.
I was going to get these as Christmas presents. Buying four pens with converters from Mr. Pen direct is only $97, including shipping to the US. I don't actually see any savings here over purchasing direct.
Just got my pen. Not sure what I think. Now the product is great, I have no complaint about the actual pen, it is well built and looks great. I think I'm still looking for what it is I want. The pen I ordered is an Italic Medium so that I could get different stroke widths but the pen feels "rough" to me. It feels like I'm scratching the paper as I write. Would I experience this more or less with a Cursive Stub? Again, just trying to learn what it is I'm looking for. (and maybe user error is an acceptable answer, maybe I'm hot holding the pen flat as I round my covers, advice welcome)
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Converter needs to be seated firmly, so do not be feint hearted when inserting it. MrPen
Not a good idea. Seat it firmly. If issue persists contact us at MrPen
I am heartbroken. I dropped my pen and bent the nib just enough that it is all scratchy when it writes now. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement stub nib of equal quality in a similar price range?
go to they sell other pen parts maybe they have replacement nibs.
I know this is a late reply... just seeing your post with the new drop. f you have only a small bend in the nib tines, you can gently bend and realign the nib by hand.. You'll want to appl gentle pressure just below the tipping on he nib, not on the tipped end. Work slow and test it along the wa.. bend a little, test it, bend a little, test it.
It won't hurt to try if it is already bent.. and it will give you a chance to learn how to realign nibs... If you're going to be using fountain pens.. you will wan to learn sooner or later :) Good Luck !
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