J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)search

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

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For those worried about cleaning or clogging: I have never had a single clogging of any pen. It is true that the shimmer is very persistent but I decided I don't mind that. The one thing that I actually did find slightly problematic was how Emerald of Chivor is quite staining on my skin. And a little bit goes a long way, which can be a good thing if you're into ink dilution and washes. Of all colors, Stormy Grey is probably my favorite. Somehow the golden shine on the grey ink looks so special to me.
Wow, this is expensive and no Emerald of Chivor!
What do you mean no Emerald of Chivor? And what does Massdrop mean when they say:

" Emerald of Chivor (limited to 1 bottle) "

I didn't place the order, but I was able to select 3 bottles of "Emerald of Chivor" in checkout...
Lots of good Ink-Info on the web for those willing to do a little searching, but don't forget to check out the Ink and Fountain Pen groups on Flickr too. One of my favorite Photostreams for Ink is:


Definitely worth a look-see!
Ahh.. finally, the drop will happen, and I managed to get Emerald of Chivor.
Fourth time's the charm, apparently.
Is there some trick to getting the gold to come out? I have been using this with a medium nib, and I can see the gold in the pen if I leave still for a while (I really shook the bottle before loading), but the ink does not show. I am using Rhodia paper. Do I need to use a broad nib? Would a 1.1mm stub be better? I am using Stormy Grey. I was debating on buying a TWSBI demonstrator just for this ink (I fear using it in one of my good pens).
Goulet pens has a video about shimmering inks that may be helpful. The summary is something like gently stir the shiny stuff in it, both when first starting and occasionally when writing, and use a very wet pen.

Oh, and clean them out very throughly. Check the video out on YouTube.
No Emerald of Chivor.. sheesh.. that's the ONE color everyone is looking to buy. Good luck getting enough orders to make it a successful drop..

I'll wait to request it again.
Trolls snatched it up, I think. Really frustrating.
I have the Blue, nice ink but don’t expect those gold flecks to show up in the width of a normal pen stroke. They do show up if your pen leaks a big blob of ink on the page as you write—very impressive then!
Damnit, emerald of chicor has sold out again.
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Yeah, and even after just three committed- That and Stormy grey would be the reason to join in - now - nah.
Thanks, but I live in Asia, so the shipment from US is expensive. Oh well I could wait for the next drop. They only stocked 1 emerald for this drop, so the chance is slim.
this is a good deal when you living in S.E.A
Nice ink, but seriously, price?
They haven't given you a nice price. The cost at https://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk sells these for 46,91$ including shipping to US. Sure, they don't have the same collection of exact inks, which could be a deal breaker, but surely they could do better price for you?
Only one of the inks has the gold or silver metallic added to them.
I gave only one example of price examples from one place, you need more or what is your take on this? Just curious. :) The price is still pretty steap seeing this from the EU side of the pond.
For those concerned about shimmering inks clogging up their pens, it's really simple to use a syringe to pull out the ink before mixing the bottle. I do this often with Rouge Hematite becbecause sometimes I dont need the sparks. When I do, I always use a TWSBI since I can take everything apart for a through cleaning. Broader nibs are better, of course!

It's weird, even though I live in the US, it's staying it would be $9.25 shipping . that's the tipping point for it being more expensive than Amazon's prices sadly.
Would love if they offered the regular line of J Herbin ink. Don't really want to clog up my pens with golden flakes.