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Janome 1600P & Grace Frame SR2+

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I know it has been a while so these are some of my finished work completed with the Grace SR2 frame.

I just love quilting on my Grace frame and my JUKI TL 2010 Q.
Good evening, friends. I purchased a Grace SR2+ on Massdrop with a Janome 1600p as a package. I did a whole cloth test, then loaded my first quilt. It is 90 inches long. I am half-way done and can’t raise the take-up rail any higher. I need to do this so the machine can move freely underneath.
did I assemble it incorrectly? It can’t possibly be that the throat of the recommended machine can’t handle long quilts, can it?

Hi Princessmaxmama,
If you don't get a response here, I suggest reaching out the Grace Frame's customer service department. 1(800) 264-0644. They are wonderful to work with.
Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm just starting to work with mine and am a bit worried that it will not be able to lift up enough for a longer quilt.
Are there two more people planning to order this? I've almost secured the finances, but I don't want to get my hopes up if not enough people buy for it to drop.
I just ordered this.
I wish I had the money to order this!!! I so want to purchase... and I have never seen this for less than this price!
And to boot, I didn’t receive the speed control!
The speed control is useless if the machine is on the frame. You will need to order the stitch regulator at $499-599, depending on where you order it from. I found out the hard way. I am still trying to get through a quilt on this thing. I learned on an HQ machine and rack, so this is a lot more labor intensive.
Highly dissappointed that absolutely NO written instructructione came with this drop of the Grace SR2 frame. None, nada, zilch!
Hi KBD30,
I'm sorry to hear that. I will let the vendor know that this has happened so that they make sure to add instructions going forward. In the meantime. here is a link to them. https://www.graceframe.com/frontend/images/instruction-pdfs/machine-frame/sr-2-assembly-instructions.pdf

If you reach out to Grace Frame directly, they can send you the speed control that is for your machine. Customer Service The Grace Company 1-800-264-0644 info@graceframe.com
Thank you. I did reach out to Grace Co and they promptly sent me the speed control and and also sent instructions, which are more updated than what was online.
I have assembled the frame and I am working on getting the top plate on the bottom carriage. The top plate I was sent is a dual wheel track system. What I am finding is that all 8 wheels do not touch the track of the bottom carriage. This means the top plate does not sit securely in the bottom carriage. I'll send a picture so you can see what I am talking about. Does anyone else have this issue? Seems like my machine will not be steady with this issue. At any given time only 6 of the 8 wheels are on the track.
Well my husband figured it out super quick. If you flip the bottom carriage over you see 4 screws for each track. You can loosen them and push the track out a bit to create a better fit.
So, I have received the sewing machine and darning foot/plate. What is the expected delivery date for the frame? SandyLucas
The expected ship date is 2/26 but I know the vendor is working on getting the order ready so I would guess that it will arrive before the expected ship date.

Thank you!
I was part of the October, 2017 drop for the Grace SR2+. I had some trouble with the directions that other quilters can, hopefully, avoid.
The directions that came with the frame were version 3.0, copyright January 1, 2017. (Please be aware that the pdf instructions available on Grace's website are an older version, copyright May 1, 2013, and use different hardware.) The included documentation began with a Parts List (pages 3-4), that I tried to follow while unpacking the 4 boxes. A list of the problems I encountered is below.
--1-- The four Table Angle Supports were listed in box 1. They were actually shipped in box 2.
--2-- The diagrams in the Parts List for box 2 show the Right Rail Holder Brackets separate from the Ratchet Caps. The caps were shipped already attached to the rail holders.
--3-- Also in box 2, the Left Rail Holder Brackets and Right Rail Holder Brackets already had the required M6 Flat Washers and M6 Nylock Nuts screwed onto the protruding bolts. There were also two bags containing more M6 Flat Washers and M6 Nylock Nuts, which I didn't need (unless I assembled it incorrectly, which is entirely possible).
--4-- In the Hardware section of the Parts List, there is a type of screw named M5 X 10 SHCS. Later on in Step 2: Table Brace Assembly (page 6), they are referred to as “M5 X 10mm SCHCS” instead of “M5 X 10 SHCS.” The label on the plastic bag they came in reads “SHCS,” not “SCHCS.”
--5-- In the Frame Directions, the second Note at the end of Step 4: Tracks Assembly (page 8) should be ignored! The frame was shipped with two long tracks AND two short tracks. Buyers should NOT need to take a sharp knife to the long tracks if assembling the frame in crib size.
Hope this helps (and sorry for the terrible formatting)!
Thank you for taking the time to note these details. I will print them in the hopes of saving myself some build time when the frame is delivered.
Thank you for these notes! They applied almost exactly to the frame I was shipped in March, 2018. (I got three boxes instead of four but all parts were there.) Wish I'd taken the time to print them off before assembling my frame. Luckily, my husband is an engineer : )