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AEB-L steel?? I personally like it, but it's hardly a popular steel among knife aficionados (very easy to work with for makers [little wear resistance]). I like the knife, but I still wouldn't pay more than $400. .....$350 would be better.
Thanks for the comment. I'm happy you like the knife!

There is so much debate about steel anymore (as I am sure you know) but in my opinion it's not much of a meaningful debate. A lot of the popular steels on knives aren't even getting practical use as most people don't really use there knives, and the only thing driving the steel popularity is hype and "cool factor". Anyone who has tried to sharpen a knife in S90v in the field will tell you it's way too much work, especially when you should be conserving your energy for other tasks.

If you don't use your knives much, and they are more of an accessory or a collectible item, than by all means be picky about your steel selection, but that's not the intention behind any of my knives. I make them all to be users, and easy to maintain by the user. I know these knives might be more flashy than what some consider a user knife, the the fact is higher finishes perform better than the typical 80 grit satin or matte finishes, and if you are using it you shouldn't feel too bad about scratching it.

And my last point: If you are going to send it to me to sharpen anyway, there's no reason for you to be picky about it, because you aren't the one working on the edge. lol!

I also understand it's an expensive knife, but this is really as low as we could possibly go on these in order for me to get paid and for Massdrop to make their cut. It's a simple knife, but there is a lot of work in it.

Thanks for your comment and feedback. Hope you have a good day!
I own a K-2A and I can vouch for the ergonomics and utility of his designs; Jesse seems to be a stand up, no frills necessary kind of man. If the price scares you, you won't believe what some collectors will drop on a custom chunk of steel better suited as a blunt object versus a tool for cutting.
Man, now I really want a wharncliffe style folder but not at this price! (Not that it's not worth it; I'm just not rich enough to indulge in quality at this level). I hope it isn't thread-crapping to ask: anybody have a wharncliffe folder they particularly like (~$100)? I see Spyderco makes a good one.
There is the new delica wiht a wharncliff blade, the OCK cater prime is rather nice or the spyderco yojimbo2.
WOW really nice blades, especially the carbon fiber handled one. Unfortunately, way, way out of my budget reach!
Are the silver handle scales actually carbon fiber? Can I get a picture of the knife closed as well as a picture of the backspacer on the silver handled knife? I want to know what the backspacer looks like.
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Not in this batch. I'm planning a big lefty project this spring though!
Silver twill is a color of G10. Its resin impregnated fiberglass. In this case, silver colored. It's a very strong material. --makes excellent knife handles.
Where is this knife made? Is it actually custom made?
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US Made by myself! Everything is done by hand except for cutting the profile of the blade and liners, which is done with EDM.
Very cool. Thank you and nice work
Although I was eagerly awaiting this, I won't be joining.
I much prefer the Jarosz drop point blade to his version of a wharncliffe style.
What a disappointment.
Yeah, if there was a option fior a droppoint or tanto blade, this drop would be more interesting.

The gripoptions are nice though.
I have a Jarosz knife and I can tell you it is extremely ergonomic. Sure, you can get a Spyderco that will cut just as well at a 10th of the price but it's like Volkswagen's and Porsche's. Build quality and feel are worth the extra cash if you have it. And yeah, I use my knife as the tool it is.

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Wharncliffe blades are great knives, don't sell it short.
They're fine for their purposes, just not mine.

Subjectively I think they are fairly ugly also ( although this grind has more appeal than most)
Not the same blade design as his earlier drop, that one had a more complicated grind and looked like a $600 knife, this one is nice but after seeing the. First one, this one kinda pales in comparison
I saw this and was like, "finally, a knife I want on Massdrop!" Until I saw the price. Watches are my vice, can't afford to spend this much on a knife. It's freaking beautiful, though. Wharncliffe blades are really nice to use.
Seeing this come up on a drop nearly made my heart stop. I can't afford it right now, so I'll just have to wait for a future drop. Enjoy all of yours!