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JayBird X2 Sport Wireless BT Headphones

JayBird X2 Sport Wireless BT Headphones

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For running I don't like in-ear headphones.. would like to see the following miiego al3 freedom on massdrop please:
How much did these cost when they were dropped?
Does anybody know about how many requests these earbuds will need in order to get dropped?
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I just started a poll for them because I'm looking for some good workout earbuds for college, of the three in my poll which do you think is the best? I have the Jaybird X3, Jaybird Freedom, and Bose Soundsport
I am an employed college student and use my X3s for working out and then all through my 5-hour workdays. I couldn't recommend anything higher. The Freedoms were enticing because they were the only ones to have firmware-based EQ... until the X3s. The X3s also have a tank-like build quality and better battery, as well as a cheaper MSRP which I could only imagine would lead to a cheap drop price. I think they sound better too, having tried both. The Bose soundsport are ok but if you appreciate quality audio and nice headphones to any degree, the Jaybirds are an astonishingly attractive package.

Full disclosure- I'm on my second pair because the first ones I got were defective. The in-line remote only worked sporadically. Customer support was wonderful though and I had new ones within the week- no problems yet. I never have had any problems with previous jaybird buds either so I believe it was just a "fluke" as they say.
What was the price when the drop was active?
Did Everyone Complaining About The Delay, Got The Headphone?
The most troubling this for me is that I got no email notification of the cancellation of this drop, and it was removed from my transactions. It's not very professional of Massdrop to do that and make me track down this thread. I hope my refund gets processed.
I can understand that massdrop had vendor issues- but taking my money, canceling the shipment and then eliminating the records from my account without ever even sending an email... very disappointing.
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I haven't got an email either and it isn't in the spam folder and I am opted in. What's happening?
I am opted into all massdrop emails, and get several of them every week. I do not see any in my spam folder.
It seems that I am not the only one with this problem.
This was my first Massdrop experience and I think it will be my last. The refund seems to have gone through so I will just close my account. There are far more reliable and professional companies online to shop with that are better to deal with.
I tweeted Jaybird, and in case anyone is interested, here is their response to my complaint. I'm not sure where the disconnect originated, but clearly there was some type of miscommunication here between Massdrop and Jaybird about the stock. https://twitter.com/jaybirdsport/status/727265562796019712

To be clear, I'm not looking to place blame. Just trying to improve the Massdrop community experience. I've had several successful drops completed, and I love this site. This would have been a great drop.
Is it likely that there will be another drop with the x2's ?
i highly doubt it
I still didn't get my refund and what worries me is that the transaction was removed from my account, is that normal?
Ab_George AsgerDJ debu350 BrokeAss18Yearold Pedro.M Refunds will typically take 3-5 days business days. Thanks for your patience, and if it doesn't arrive in that time please contact support.
Completely unprofessional. JayBird isn't getting my money then.

I will still use Massdrop in future, situation was out of their control.
Waiting on the refund so I can order a pair on amazon without hurting my bank balance again, can I please get an ETA on the refund?
My bank says I will get it tomorrow but of course I don't know about your bank
Sad about this, was really hoping it arrived soon. Though this is my second Massdrop purchase
Please tell us how and till when the refund will be processed, silence from Massdrop is not helping.
On my bank account it says that the money will roll in the 2nd of May :)