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Jeff Park Design Bones Midtech Folding Knife

Jeff Park Design Bones Midtech Folding Knife

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Love mine, I got it outside of massdrop.

Would like another drop to come up for this at some point. It's one of the smoothest knives I own.
Received mine a few days ago, overall I love the knife, the action is fantastic and the design is just awesome. With that said the liner lock is a major issue Its borderline sharp and extremely uncomfortable. I've stopped carrying the knife for the time being and will have to hit the sharp edge with some sand paper before its comfortable to use. On a knife of this price thats really ugly.
I would also like to mention that Massdrops photos really don't do the knife justice. The anodizing work is much nicer than the photos show.
Marshall at Going Gear describes the differences between the custom, midtech and production version of this knife. I've noticed a bit of confusion here. As Jeff points out himself in the comments, he works on each of these knives - a true proper midtech. CRKT just happens to have done an exemplary job when doing their version of this knife, one of the best translations I've seen.
Thanks, it looks awesome! (Thought so even before I watched the video.)
Sorry about the haters, spy008 .
Many thanks for posting this. I've bought stuff from GoingGear before but had no idea they were posting these reviews. Unfortunately, now I really really want a custom Bones. Sigh.
This is essentially the CRKT Crossbones.
nfnarut-the design itself is essentially the same as the CRKT version. CRKT had a custom proto and used my CAD files in producing the Crossbones.
Hi I've recently acquired one of these knives but it's really hard to open. It seems like the lock presses against the blade when it's closed. Is there anything to do about this ? it's a great knife, but I can't use it if I can't open it.

Could we get more elaborate info than 'designed by Jess Park' please?
who/where was it machined, at which point did Jeff finish it, if he even did etc.
Thank you
I agree with this... 100% sure that Jeff Park never touched this knife, it's priced as a high end production, not a midtech or custom. It has the materials to back up the price, knives can be so hit or miss though so it would be nice to know who made this, if it was made by a company like Millit or something that would definitely be a selling point for me.
Hey Do.4life the Bones design (as a custom) has been around for about 2 years. As for this midtech version I did not machine the parts or grind the blades. I personally do all the finishing and final assembly of these knives here in the Onion shop in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Machining done by Slater Machine in Yamhill, Oregon.
Love the knife, hate the placement of the logo. Both custom and production versions look cleaner to me. That huge gap just looks unsightly to me...
Does anyone know if the lock bar has a steel insert where it meets the blade. Looking at the pictures, it looks like that's the case, but I'd like to be sure. Thanks!
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enkidu, the lock bar is 301 half hard.
Thanks to you both! Yeah, I was aware that it wasn't a Reeves style frame lock. I think it's still called a lock bar, even when it's part of the liner, although i could be wrong about that. Half hard 301 makes sense. Someone should tell Massdrop that their description is off, since it lists the lock bar/liner as Ti.
CPM-154 is plenty good enough of a steel for a mid-tech knife. I've seen several custom makers use it. It's much better than 154CM which is the non-powdered version that benchmade uses. This knife is actually an incredible knife. My only issue as is often the case on massdrop is that the deal isn't all that great. I can get one of these for only $10 more from another site due to no tax and free shipping (and choose other colors). This is a really good knife though, lightweight, well built, easy to EDC and works well in an office setting too. If only it was offered without tax and free shipping on here... or about $30-40 less overall. Would be hard to say no.
RWL 34 is the same as CPM 154 lmao!!!!! CPM 154 is better M390 lmao!!!!!! You better check yourself and your informants......lmao
Are you saying CPM154 is not an equivalent steel to RWL-34? They are CPM154, RWL-34, and ATS-34 are all the same steel from different steel makers. The difference between 154CM and CPM154 is the CPM is a powder metallurgy and iirc RWL-34 is also a powder metallurgy steel. Powder steel is usually better as it is a more controlled process comparative to traditional methods. I would agree M390 is superior to 154CPM and the likes but arguing steels is another topic for another place Id say.
375 for cpm 154 lolllll not in this universe
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I don't see that he says m390 is subpar it looks like he says it is better, or would be a better option, he does seem to think CPM-154 is a subpar steel I wouldn't agree with that though. While we could debate steels this isn't the place really. I have voiced my objections to this price and I can only hope that is clear and that perhaps you can see my view on it.
Parks midtech and custom (aka, the knife you see here) has been around much longer than the CRKT version. CRKT licensed the design due to how awesome this midtech is. It's certainly worth the upgrade over the CRKT and is produced in much smaller numbers. anonomous is right about everything he's saying to you.