Jelly Key Artifact Series: Lozenge Valleys Keycapsearch

Jelly Key Artifact Series: Lozenge Valleys Keycap

Jelly Key Artifact Series: Lozenge Valleys Keycap

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if you do these again, a bismuth-inpired -- crystal gem or actual crystalized post-transitional element Bi -- color/pattern combo would be amazing!
I want to join this drop but I am curious if the jaggies pictured in the first blue hero cap with multiple angle images are going to be ironed out?

The keycaps pictured after that seem to be nice and smooth ūüĎĆ

Still love my Fusion cap to this day. Wish this came in Topre; this is beautiful!
Thank you, we don't have so much tore model, but Fusion keycap is awesome ^^
Do we know what row/profile they will be?
Cherry profile ^^
Jelly Key, please do more of these on MD!! I check the official site much less frequently than MD and can't count how many times I've missed something that makes me regret for months.
You can subscribe our email to know when we run group buy ^^
I can only imagine these look better in person. I bet you can't catch the depth effect of the clear acyrlic via photo.
This looks absolutely amazing! Any chance this will be available in OEM profile too?
No OEM profile ^^, only Cherry.
Wow, the Sunshine Maze would look great with GMK Serika.
These are cool, but not $50 cool
I've got quite a few jellykey keys. Their quality is defiantly well enough to be worth the price tag. (In my opinion).
Neat. Still expensive, but neat.
Why did I get into dealing jewelry? These keycaps look like a gold mine!

These are really cool though. I respect the game.
Oh myyyyy! I have just received my Forbidden Realm :O Time for some In-N-Out in the next few days......
Wow this is a nice suprise, but I'm still waiting for the Nebula GB :(
Will never happen. Also, having looked for over a year for one, paid out the nose for it, and sold it less than a day later, I can say they’re not as great as they look on Jelly Key’s site.
You got any pictures? I would just like to see what they look like on a keeb
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