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JETBeam / Niteye MINI-1 Stainless Keychain Light

JETBeam / Niteye MINI-1 Stainless Keychain Light

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can someone tell me what kind of cord to buy for charging this light?
I have one and it's too heavy for such tiny thing - they made walls too thick. Search for titanium versions - they are much lighter(MecArmy-branded are overpriced as always, so maybe some other brand).
Titanium one is 12gr, and this one is 20gr (66% heavier). Naturally, when weighing two buckets of apples 8gr won't matter, but when comparing two tiny flashlights the difference is felt immediately.
I have the copper version and gave one to my friend as well. Both have worked great for over a year, I carry it on my keychain and it has not been babied. There is even a dent in the head from where it got caught on something and still works fine. I charge it about once a month.
I have 3 of these and have been wearing the copper one for about 2 years now, 24/7 around my neck like a necklace. They are my most used flashlights and I have experienced none of the problems some of the other reviewer's have. Maybe it's because I never carried them in my pockets or on my keyring??? They all have a homemade adjustable necklace made for them and that's how I carry them. I even wear them in the shower and have had no problems with leaking. They are great little EDC lights that are there when I need them.
So after having this for a while now and trying to roll it into my daily carry, I have to say it sucks.

It works great as a flashlight. It works great at recharging the battery. It works great at being tiny. It works great at twisting to switch modes.

I WISHED it was great to carry.

It does NOT work great at being turned off.

I have to turn it far enough that the head wobbles and either turns the light into a strobing nuisance OR the head just falls off.

I have bought a few different flashlights from Massdrop and this one is up close to the top for great in theory horrible in reality.

I have this in both Stainless and Copper and the only use this light has is a decoration that doubles as a flashlight. I daily carry the Beta-QRv2 and the Maratac Copper AAA on my keys and badge holder and neither of them have any issue with the head falling off or strobing from wobble.

Avoid this unless you are willing to pay constant attention to make sure the head is still attached and not strobing or just on already.

JETBeam/Niteye add more threads or do better at machining these so there is not as much slop in the few threads between Off and falling off.
Not great. Still carrying my Fenix E05. The dimmest function stopped working on the first day so now I have to be careful it's not still on "dim" because the LED just barely glows but doesn't output any light. The brightest setting it pretty bright, but the threads aren't great. It turns itself on in your pocket.
Anyone have any tips for cleaning the switch? Mine is starting to flicker a bit, and I'm pretty sure it's some sort of debris or oxidation in the switch mechanism.
There's contact cleaner for electronics and made by a few different companies. It's in a spray can and evaporates pretty quickly, so use it in a well ventilated area. You can get it at The Home Depot, Amazon and Walmart. Just make sure you get the product for electronics. Also, make sure that whatever device you're using it on is turned off and before turning back on, make sure enough time has gone by before turning it on again.

I hope that helps.
I have the copper one and I love it! The size is perfect for a keyring or to just toss in your pocket and it is bright enough to help you when you need it.
I had the copper one, returned it the next day... really poor tolerances of the threads, the head wiggled badly in both the open and closed position.
Bought a same size Maratac in both stainless and copper... perfect no problems.

Have had the copper one for a few weeks. Great little piece of man jewelry. No cord included, but had two o-rings. It was on sale for $20 plus shipping. May have to pick this one up in stainless.
I had their copper one.... I returned it the next day, the tolerances and threads were really terrible, the head wiggled around in the off position and somewhat in the on position.
In my opinion the best small light of this type is made by Maratac/CountyComm and is 145 lumens on high, I own a copper and a stainless steel one.
First impression is that this could be the best twenty bucks I've ever spent.
Still the best twenty bucks I've ever spent.

Nevermind. It won't turn on anymore after a few weeks of very minimal use.
Edit: figured it out. Sticker over the back of the battery. Green light threw me off.

Is there some trick to making this work? I tried screwing down the head when I unpacked mine, but it didn't move very far. I tried plugging it in to charge, but it's just been sitting on a steady green light for over an hour. Tried putting the head back on, screwed it down, felt around the tailcap (nothing), screwed the head on and off a few times, fast and slow, nothing. Plugged it back in, nothing but a steady green light.
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I had the same problem. Took me awhile to figure out. I felt stupid when I finally saw sticker.
Lol. I wish I had read this before going through the exact same thought scenario.
I'd love to see a drop for the titanium version of this light.
I found the titanium version. It's currently inactive... well, it may actually be a BETTER version... Let me see if I can find it again.
Does it include spare O-rings and USB cable like Factor Equipment Ghost?
I don't think so, on that drop is said it included two spare o-rings this drop does not.