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John James Sewing Needles Bundle

John James Sewing Needles Bundle

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Sewing Needles for Any Project

Whether you’re cross-stitching a quilt or embroidering a decorative pillow, the John James sewing needle bundle has everything you need to get started on your next sewing project. Included are a set of 33 assorted craft needles, 25 sharps, 6 gold-plated quilting needles, and 10 Golden Glide Big Eye quilting needles. The assorted craft needle set contains traditional cross-stitching, embroidering, quilting, and beading needles. The sharps are ideal for invisible hand applique and piecing projects. Rounding out the bundle, the gold-plated quilting needles offer an effortless slip, while the Golden Glide Big Eye needles feature an enlarged, gold-plated eyelet for easy threading.


John James 33-Count Craft Needle Assortment

  • Material: Polished steel
  • 33 needles
  • For cross stitching, embroidery, quilting, and beading

John James Sharps

  • Material: Polished steel
  • 25 needles
  • Size: US #12
  • For hand applique and piecing 

John James Gold Quilting/Betweens

  • Materials: Gold-plated steel
  • 6 needles
  • Size: US 10

John James Golden Glide Big Eye Quilting Needles

  • Materials: 18-karat gold, steel
  • 10 needles
  • Size: US 11


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