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Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set

Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set

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Carbon Steel Wok With Maple Handles

Stir fry like a seasoned vet with this 10-piece set of cookware. The star of the show is the 14-inch wok made from 2-millimeter-thick carbon steel. Big enough for large meals but small enough to fit in your cabinet, it features maple handles for a solid grip and a host of other accessories to expand your skills. Use the bamboo spatula or the cooking chopsticks for long range control over your meal, or attach the steam rack or tempura rack for a side dish. Also included are an aluminum dome lid to cover the wok, six pairs of chopsticks, a rice paddle, and recipe book to help you get started.

Note: This drop is limited to 90 units.

Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set


  • Joyce Chen
  • Material: Carbon steel with maple handles
  • Aluminum dome lid
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Reinforced Excalibur nonstick interior coating


  • 14 in Excalibur nonstick Wok with maple handles
  • Aluminum dome lid
  • Tempura rack
  • 12 in bamboo spatula
  • Bamboo tongs
  • Bamboo rice paddle
  • Bamboo cooking chopsticks
  • 6 pairs bamboo table chopsticks
  • Steaming rack
  • Recipe booklet


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