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Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set

Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set

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My handle on mine just now came off and I purchased this on Apr 29, 2017. Is there a manufacture warranty on this item?
Good gift
I recently was in the market to upgrade my stir fry experience and decided to pop on a real wok. Did my research first though and did come across this one on Amazon. I also found a real deal, steel, hand hammered wok by Craft Wok on Amazon as well, it was twice the price but well worth it. Once you learn and taste what traditional cooking in a wok is supposed to be and you want to re-create that, buying anything with non-stick is counter productive. A real carbon steel wok tempered and sealed/seasoned properly before it's first use becomes non-stick! I tempered mine with a blow torch and it turned the most beautiful, iridescent blue, then sealed it w/a high temp safflower oil. First time out of the gate I had the best stir fry I've ever made. This other one is another Massdrop ball drop. Oh, it's Joyce Chen so it must be the real deal right? Wrong. They should sell this one with the Roasting Chain Mail they were hawking a while back.
I've been using the "stick" version of this wok for something like 10 years, and it's still my main wok. Would only recommend a nonstick one for things like braising or steaming.
Why does massdrop keep trying to drop his product that has the worst reviews and is dangerous to health
Got this recently and was deeply depressed to discover that it is coated with Teflon. Went back and discovered that it does indeed mention this (except it calls it Excalibur and mentions it only in the specs). When you call something CARBON STEEL I don't expect it to be coated with Teflon! Call it NON-STICK so everyone knows what they're getting. Now I have to give this away or just trash it (why poison my friends?) and order something else. So I just spent a lot of money (including shipping to NZ) for some wooden tools and a wok lid. Bummer.
Oh no! I️ didn’t see teflon and I️ never use it. Much like you I️ have to find someone who doesn’t mind being poisoned- and I️ think Amazon has it for less. A total waste of money I️ don’t have to spare as well as MASSIVE dispointment! lzbern
Was going to join this but the shipping costs more than the set.
Woks are unable to cook food properly at temperatures safe for Teflon - this is useless.
and the shipping is outrageous can i️ take a pass.? this turned out BA D !,
19 dollars..carbon steel. Ring sold separately. Restaurant champion.
Had a Joyce wok before....hated it. My son is a chef and advised me to visit any commercial chef restaurant supply store and pick up a mandarin wok and ring. The bottom will be round so the ring is non negotiable. Lots of YouTube posts to season a real wok. Mine is as slick as glass After seasoning it. Forget the gimmicks and tchotchkes that comes with the Joyce wok...they are a distraction. Your mileage may vary.
Joyce makes carbon steel woks and they're fine. Mine still sticks a little bit but I'm new to seasoning so I'm sure it's my inexperience. Definitely wouldn't get this nonstick wok.
The carbon steel Joyce Chen is fine. I have an electric stove in my apartment, so I need a flat bottom to get enough heat into the pan. My round bottom doesn't get hot enough to cook anything even with the wok ring.
This was a terrible drop. First use (after treating according to care instructions) and everything stuck. Even with oil in the pan. It was like trying to move stuff over molasses. To top it off, it rusted after the second wash. What kind of cheap crap is this wok? I will be applying for the warranty service, but I have never heard of a TEFLON coated pan rusting on the TEFLON coated side before.

Learn from my mistake and avoid this drop.
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I used the one that said to treat with oil, but I made sure not to let it get too hot because I didn't want the Teflon offgassing. I looked online and this is an incredibly common issue for this wok
Hm.. that's just very weird because mine works fine and we've basically used it 3-4 times a week since it arrived without any trouble. Sometimes I barely use any oil at all.
Non-stick coating in a wok? COMPLETE IDIOCY!!
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Also, excalibur non stick is NOT Teflon. It does not off gas at 500° and is coated in stainless steel. Before you make jerk level comments, maybe learn a little of the engineering behind the nonstick coating in question. While yes, excalibur is a ptfe coating, it's rated for higher temps than old school spray on ptfe (Teflon). I learned this with like 5 seconds of Google scholar.
3 seconds of google.

"Good Housekeeping warns that high temperatures may cause nonstick coatings like Xylan to break down at the molecular level. This breakdown is not visible, but can cause potential problems. It is advised that nonstick pans should not be heated above 500 degrees Fahrenheit; above this, the nonstick coating begins to break down, becoming a possible health hazard."