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Juiced 24,000mAh Powerbank

Juiced 24,000mAh Powerbank

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Anyway I can get this to charge in Europe and can I get it in before I leave in less then two weeks.
Thought about it until I saw the lack of features compared to my Zerolemon 30,000mAh with USB-C and QC.
These things are absolutely beastly, and while they're a bit cumbersome to put in pockets they're an absolute godsend in terms of utility. Recently took 2 to a Music Festival and had enough charge for myself and friends for all 4 days. Highly recommend them if they come around again
Bought this 2 years ago, still working great. Just hate the weight of it.
Who is buying power banks without USB-C *or* QC?
The people who are benefiting from sales on tech that is being aged-out
Not everyone cares about having USB-C or QC. I don't and I have devices that have USB-C connections.
When will I get a deal like this with shipping to Estonia...
Unfortunately it wont. All the restrictions on hazmat materials like big batteries are only getting tighter and more expensive. This product actually can not ship in a single shipment on an airplane as it is above 300 watt hours. It is completely restricted. Batteries that are not restricted the shipping price has pretty much tripped in price. So even the Powerbanks that we could ship would not be worth it as you could source something locally much, much cheaper. Sorry Dude.

Thanks for the thorough response at least. Always nice to get some info on these kinds of things, as I was completely unaware of the situation before.

Happy New Year
Woulda loved this if at least the input was type-C. I hate carrying Micro-USB cables around.
Interesting but I'll stick with my Anker brand.
Can i change it and change my phone same line plugged in the wall ?
It doesn't charge devices when plugged in, no.

Which I cannot understand. ALL battery packs should do passthrough charging, it should not be a feature that we have to ferret out in the rare product.
Can this be connected to a solar panel? Thinking of sending this or similar to friends in Puerto Rico.
If your solar panel has a usb a connector then yes
Does this have the output to charge a 13 inch Macbook pro through a USB C cable?
No you will need atleast 61 Watts this charger onlet outputs 10
What are the shipping rates (international)?
Bought this about a year and a half ago and till today it is a worthy purchase, but i got it from their own website as i wasn't in the mood to wait for it to come back on here.

The product is nice even though some parts of does feel cheap, dropped it quite a few times and there was barely any damage. the battery lasts long and holds about 23,000 mAh after some time from degradation. only downside is it takes long to recharge and if it is completely empty it WILL take a day to charge full.