Juiced USB-C Multiport HDMI Display Adaptersearch

Juiced USB-C Multiport HDMI Display Adapter

Juiced USB-C Multiport HDMI Display Adapter

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Does this work with the Microsoft Lumia 950?
Would this work with a Samsung Note 7?
This question has yet to be confirmed... Well know soon if the Note 7 supports this kind of function.
Go to Best Buy! They have demo units! Test it for us and report back!!! :) Seriously though I'm considering upgrading my phone to the Note 7 or the new Nexus (if we ever get deets on them, seriously Google...) and I'd love to know.
wow, 22$ to ship to italy and it is big like a packet of cigarettes
I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this yet, but when my Chromebook Pixel is at half battery with nothing else connected to the adapter, the adapter continuously resets. I assume that since the CBP is actually pulling the full 60W from the power brick on the other side of the adapter, the adapter itself is losing power.
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I wonder if this will work with Lumia 950xl?
Yes, the HDMI port will work well with your Lumia 950XL.
Alot of the similar usb c hubs out there have issues with the audio working via hdmi on the Lumia 950/950xl. I am wondering if the phones have been checked directly via hdmi for audio as well as video.
What the heck, $21 shipping cost to New Zealand. Are you sure you have not mixed the digits around?
I have the same question as JackTheStitcher but with my OnePlus 3? I see the list of OS's but is there any reason that, as long as the device you are plugging into has the ability to output video, Android or Linux machines wouldn't work? Does it need a driver?
Incipio released something earlier this week with the same functionallity, and it does work with android phones, but it's a bit more expensive than this one.
Remember, all android devices are not created equal. It is a hardware nightmare out there. Its a complete warezone. Everyone's USB-C ports on their phones and computers are all made to different specs. For example, the nexus 5x and 6P we can confirm that this is a USB-C 2.0 port, which means the phones are incapable of utilizing USB-C to HDMI adapters. The USB-C port on these phones really only benefits the Quickcharge/3amp capability unfortunately. Depending on what device you are pairing this adapter up with, double check the specs of your phone or computer. Google wants you to buy their 35$ chromecast instead of hard wiring your device. ;(
Which version HDMI? What refresh rate will this do at 4K?
4k@ 30hz
Is the type c female port a USB 3.1 pass through cause it only says charging at the bottom with the specs
Will this work on my Nexus 5x?
Unfortunately your Nexus 5x does not support that kind of function. The adapter will charge your unit and the USB port will work but your 5X can't utilize the HDMI ability.
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