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I thought I'd throw this question out there again: any sizing information on the Aero? Lens, bridge, temple. I didn't hear back from Julbo last time in a prompt manner, nor from Massdrop...
I did get a response from Julbo:

Here are the dimensions of our Aero model: This is considered a large frame.
Lens Width: 132 mm (It's a shield as opposed to two separate lenses)
Lens Height 46 mm
Temple length: 137 mm
Frame Width: 133 mm
3D Nose Fit: (full adjustable) 14 mm
I'm so glad these came back up! I got busy and missed the last drop. If I remember correctly, someone checked with the manufacturer during the last drop and they suggested the best lens for single track riding was the Zebra Red lens. If this was you, please let me know I'm remembering that correctly. Thank you.
I am using mine for cycling and loving them. And I did get zebra lenses. What's great about these is that I put them on during daylight and can cycle well into the night without taking them off. This is great as they serve as eye protection from insects at night.
Can I wear this over my prescription eyeglasses?
I would say no. They are quite close to the face.
Anyway we could get some sizing on the Aero line? I've reached out to Julbo and also heard nada. Thank you!
Man, honestly, nevermind on this. Most Aero Zebra Light models are out. Another drop where a question hasn't been answered in any timely manner by MD or the vendor.
Aerolite dimensions are provided (and the lens width is smaller than my current sunglasses; but the dimensions for Aero are not given. And I happen to be a female with not that much of a muzzle, so I'm not sure Aero will fit me. Would be nice to see dimensions for both variants.
I wish there was a bit more info out there on the Aero sizing. Currently, my glasses are 54/18/140. Now, with the 3D Nose, that 18 might not be an issue on the Aerolite; yet, what's the Aero? Is it closer to that?

Not MassDrop's fault, yet I feel like I might miss out on this AGAIN because I want to make an informed decision.
i want to purchase a clear aerolight pair but i don't see this option in the selection tab
It appears that several of these are "sold out," but I see no mention of this being limited. Is there a glitch or is this accurate?
Great glasses, I wear them now for all my outdoor activities, from walking around, to hiking to completing an Ironman with them (biking and running). These are great, the photochromic lenses are perfect for any weather and the shape and weight make them very comfortable, to the point where I don't even notice them on my face.
Wirecutter picked these as one of the best sports sunglasses http://bit.ly/2uhpJs7
Are any of the lenses polarised and hardened? The lens description doesn't go into that at all.
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I ended up ordering a pair and do love them. I’ve had them for 3-4 months now, hopefully they last longer than my last few pairs!
Are these made in France or China? Thank you!
Has anyone with a smaller face has bought this? I really like this but I'm not sure they will fit, I have a hard time finding glasses specially because the bridge of my nose is small. Can they be returned if they don't work?
I have previously owned the Julbo Aerolite and they are designed specifically for men and women with smaller faces. I have an average sized face and they fit great, but my 7 year old son can also wear these without them falling off. They have a 3D fit nose which adjusts to fit different shapes and sizes of noses.
Why were some of these sold out before any sales ? Four were gone, and the header said one backer.