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Just Mobile AluBolt Dock

Just Mobile AluBolt Dock

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Desk Doctor

Sure, you could just plug your iPhone into the wall or your computer, but where’s the fun or function in that? Flat on your desk, you can’t read incoming messages or view battery progress, and there’s always the risk of losing your phone amongst the clutter. For a simple solution to your dockless desk, plant your iPhone in a Just Mobile AluBolt.

Just Mobile AluBolt Dock

Lightning Conductor

Compatible with all iPhones (including iPhone 6s/6s Plus), iPad minis, and iPod Touch with a Lightning connector, the AluBolt features a fully sprung Lightning connector. Flexible yet rooted to the base, you can plug or unplug in a forward motion without damaging the connector. The other end leads to a USB cable that can plug into a wall with an adaptor or any USB port. To ensure full functionality, the AluBolt is recommended for devices without cases or with open-bottom cases.

Just Mobile AluBolt Dock
Just Mobile AluBolt Dock

Doc Silver

As for the construction of the dock itself, the AluBolt is comprised of a sturdy aluminum base with a rubber bottom to prevent slippage. The curved black plastic piece supports your iPhone and keeps the screen aloft, in addition to lending a stellar vibe to the stand when unoccupied. To keep your desk clean, your phone charged, and your style simple, go with the Just Mobile AluBolt iPhone Dock.

Just Mobile AluBolt Dock


  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Fully spring-loaded Lightning connector for easy unplugging without damaging the Lightning connector
  • Lighting-to-USB cable built in
  • Compatible with open-bottom cases
  • Compatible with all iPhones and iPad minis with Lightning connector
  • Weight- 5.55 oz (157.5 g)
  • Dimensions- 4.05 x 4.05 x 2.83 in (10.3 x 10.3 x 7.2 cm)


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Estimated ship date is Nov 18, 2016 PT.

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