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Where's the price?
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Where does this ship from? Need to know whether it will arrive in time for Christmas!
Will this fit an iPhone Xr with a case? And will it be usable with 3rd party photo apps?
I checked the website this will work w/ The Xr, and the Xs Max, I just wish i knew that 3rd party apps would work with it.
Here is little background on ShutterGrip's design . ShutterGrip is designed to create an "ergonomic" handgrip that is "easy to snap-on and remove". There are a lot of tripod clamps out there and some with shutter button but, if you take notice, the location of the shutter button is often on top of the clamp. ShutterGrip moulds to your palm and places the button a little forward so it is easily reachable with your index finger. With ShutterGrip, you can really let your smartphone hang on your side, and snap away with one hand.
It's not revolutionary. It' s novel. Please stop using revolutionary to describe things that are not life changing. The iPhone and orginal Macintosh computer were revolutionary for what they represented at the time. A cheap gadget for taking photos with your iphone? Not so much. Besides, this is not the first such product. I'm aware of several camera cases which integrate a shutter release as well as mount points for photo/video gear.
Where is SONY? Why cant it be compatible to SONY? Oh my SONY~~~
Is this compatible with the Huawei Honor 6X (BLN-L24)?
Makes taking iPhone photos so much easier! I prefer an OP/TECH Finger Cuff-QD instead of supplied wrist strap. Too easy to enable burst mode on iPhone; pre-iOS 11 methods to disable burst mode don't seem to work. Keyboard disappears in iPhone apps when Shuttergrip is paired, need to turn off Bluetooth to send a photo. Battery cover a bit of a puzzle; a video demonstration of how to open it would help more than the box illustration. The Shuttergrip utility exceeds sum of all its cons. Would buy again.
Not working properly with my Galaxy Note 8. The button only works as zoom in.
The package instructions suggest resetting all your connections (wifi and Bluetooth) but I still have the same problem. I also checked their list of compatible devices and the Galaxy Note 8 is in the list.
Update: the Shuttergrip button can be re-assign by goin into settings in the camera app, then volume key functions, then re-assign to take pictures, video, zoom, or volume.
I have a case on my note 8 (I'm using this https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Note8-Wallet-Black/dp/B074G8TPY2 ), does this work with it? Thank you!
Yes, I have a case on it and it fits right on it.
I just got mine in the mail and I'm mostly happy with it. It's easy to pair and works for a good price. The button is a satisfying click. I was able to thread it into my Joby tripod and now I've got a nice portable travel photo setup. I will say that my iPhone X does not stay as securely gripped like the video shows. If I shake my phone, it falls out. But I was not buying it for that so I won't knock it too much.
No shipping to Europe :(
Just got mine in the post. It comes with a battery in the packaging so just pop it in and your good to go. Connecting to iPhone 8 took 5 seconds and it was ready. I use a case and had no issue with thd grip which is a bonus as I was prepared to have the phone naked. Gave it a good shake and it stayed securely attached; I wouldn’t advise trying that with the grip at the very edge of your phone. Took it out for some test shots and video and so far it works for my use. It does not support half press focus. Overall satisfied with the product.
Does this support half-press focus?
The drop here states FEB 26th as estimated delivery date. However, the product website for this same 'Pre-Order' product is stating MARCH 28th. https://just-mobile.com/products/shuttergrip?variant=9787265220650

Which is correct?
that's not going to fit into jean pockets...
What about the Lg G5?
I am an avid user of phone camera accessories for video making. I am always happy to see new gear in the space and I think the combination of a phone grip and shutter button is a great idea. There are issues that make it unusable for me though that I would like to see resolved in a V2 model:
* only a bottom-mounted 1/4" mount: a phone grip needs at least two, one for a bottom handle and one for accessories * no cold shoe: this could be resolved by a top-mounted 1/4" screw mount, but most phones really benefit from a rode mic for vlogging and not allowing for this is a deal breaker
I fuck with the vision, and I want more phone vlogger accessories on massdrop. I may join the drop just to show my support for such products on this site, even if it doesn't really fit my usecase. I hope the drop goes well!

Note: My current setup is a Monfrotto mini tripod, a Joy Factory intermediary magconnect monopod, half of a Beastgrip Pro, a Rode Videomic Go, and a Google Pixel 2 XL
Got this on Kickstarter, can’t recommend enough. Use it on a 7+, makes a big difference. Just don’t over extend it. There’s been some negatives posted about breakages
Just a damn shame this doesn't seem to be shipping internationally. Certainly seems to be an interesting product.
Howdy Everyone, At the request of @howard3849 at Just Mobile we have extended this drop through the end of this week. The expected shipping date of 02/26 will remain the same and the extended time added to the drop should not effect the shipping dates. Cheers.
Here are several usage scenarios that I find ShutterGrip indispensable, sharing to the community. 1. I gave the remote to my 7-yo girl, while I held the phone camera facing her. I told her to click on the remote when she was looking at the camera and felt ready for a shot. Since then, every shot has been successful. Unlike before, where the shots always happened when she she was looking away, or was in motion blur. The detachable shutter remote makes shooting fun, and makes hyper kids able to stay still for the second that the shot is taken. 2. I hold my phone with the palm grip, letting it hang on my side while I walk. I am ready to shoot at any moment. Because the grip is comfortable and secure, I can hold it longer w/o putting it away between shots. 3. Family get-togethers (like birthday parties) are great using ShutterGrip because it makes my phone able to stand on a table and it gets everyone into the shot with me among them, controlling the shutter when everyone is ready. 4. When shooting moving objects, or in a limited-light conditions, I could hold my phone with my right hand on the grip (holding it very still), while pressing the remote button on my left hand. This makes sure the camera is stable and still when the shot is taken. Overall, ShutterGrip has made my smartphone photo shots more successful every time, and prevented accidental drops of the phone. It is a nifty accessory that fits in a pocket and easily clips on and takes off your phone when needed. I think its usefulness touched on a lot of people. That's why it received such a wide and warm reception when it was launched as a Kickstarter project.
Spoiler Alert: The grip won't be useful for most consumers. It's a $30 combination of a tripod adapter and remote. Don't expect to use it like the guy on the field. It's a bulky and awkward contraption on a pocket phone. It won't solve the problems you think you have. Vids will still be shaky. It's only slightly more effective than using the volume button as shutter. 95% of you won't use it as a grip in the long term. Plan on using it solely for tripod and remote – which can be great, circumstance-dependent. Sorry. Not hating, just warning. If you like it, cool.
First let me start by saying thank you for your feedback, its more than welcome here. However I would like to know how you came to that conclusion on this specific product since zero units have shipped here in the states. The community members who participate in this drop will be the first to test, try, and use this product.
You mentioned that videos will still be shaky. Yes, that is true and will very from user to user as this is not a gimbal or stabilizing device.
Next as far as being slightly more effective than using the volume control (or other outer buttons on your phone) to take photos I dont think that is accurate.
I have a sample and have been testing it. It allows you much more freedom and control over your shots. You no longer need to hold the phone with both hands to get a steady shot or video. Because you are able to grip the Shuttergrip it really improves that experience alot.
I personally have been testing it taking photos & videos of my 23 month old daughter. She runs around like crazy when we go outside to the park and this device has made it much easier. I can grip it take great shots and videos with one hand and I am not worried about dropping my phone.
Just my own feedback since I have tested it in the real world.
Hey, bud. It's been a few months. How many times have you used it in the most recent weeks?
Oneplus 5 support?
Physically, here are the spec for the bracket when fully expanded:  * Bracket width (max): 3.4in/85mm  * Bracket depth (max): 0.6in/12.7mm If your Oneplus 5 (with case) is within these dimensions, it will fit nicely.
Functionally, as long as your smartphone has Bluetooth support, ands uses the side volume key(s) as a shutter key for taking photo and videos, then ShutterGrip will be compatible.
No shipping to Canada... ;( Why is it that every time I want something it isn't available for Canada?
Will this fit with a case?
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So it won't work with a Mophie case, then.
Physically, here are the spec for the bracket when fully expanded:  * Bracket width (max): 3.4in/85mm * Bracket depth (max): 0.6in/12.7mm If your smartphone (with case) is within these dimensions, it will fit nicely.