KA-BAR Jarosz 7503 Turok Fixed Blade Knifesearch

KA-BAR Jarosz 7503 Turok Fixed Blade Knife

KA-BAR Jarosz 7503 Turok Fixed Blade Knife

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This blade is a good deal for us Canadians. Our Amazon has it for 125 bucks and another 15 dollars tax.
Even with exchange and shipping
its a good price on Massdrop
How does this compare to a similarly sized Becker knife, or ESEE? Actual performance and feel comparison.

I have a Becker BK-2. Solid knife, but there are folks who say that it is too thick at 1/4” and too heavy and bulky to do any really nimble bushcraft work, and at the same time it isn’t long enough to be a true chopper. So it is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. After owning it for a few years, I tend to agree.

Yet others love it.

The Turok is also a thick knife, but it has a longer and pointier blade than the BK-2. I would guess it fuctions much better as a chopper for the extra length. How about for bushcraft type work, though? Seems like a big blade, though the pointier tip may be of some advantage.

Im curious if anyone has compared it to a Becker BK-2, or something like an ESEE 6.

Some of the bushcrafty tubers have beat on this knife and loved it. Handle is more comfortable, better for everyday camp utility type tasks, and almost as good as a few Esee and BKs it was compared with.

If memory serves me.
not really similar to a classic kabar except maybe the coloring? Its curved not straight, and not a clip point.
i didnt read anywhere that they compared it to the USMC Kabar... Kabar makes like 40 different fixed blade models..dont really understand what your point is?
Hey, it's the fixed blade Crux!
Good price for knife....works very well.
Own it already and it hasn’t let me down yet. Looks badass too. Sheath is great. not a small knife either. Survival / tactical not EDC unless your
Crocodile Dundee. Gideon’s tactical on tube has good video Too.
Gideonstactical is where I found out about this knife!
Plus, it's name Turok :) Liked that game when I was a kid.
I've been eyeing this knife for nearly a year. I started to join this drop until
shipping put it over the cost on Amazon.
turok was my fav lol
Hey everyone - We've heard from the vendor that stock may be more limited, so we're going to end this at 20 units / noon today just in case and will keep everyone posted as we know for sure how many pieces are available.
It's $82 at Amazon. The one for $69.99 is the 3.5" version
This is the same price on amazon, with free two day shipping... massdrop really needs to step up their game.
Link? I see the lowest price on that other site is $78.67 shipped (if you have Prime).
If you've seen something better, please do let us know. Thanks.
A little over two months ago it was listed on amazon for 69.97
I am TUROK! and I will hunt dinosaurs with this with this fine blade.
This looks dope, thoughts on the blade steel? Kind of a knife metallurgy noob here.
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Wow, I don't think I've ever seen someone do that freehand without a vise. Impressive shooting.
Tougher for the guy holding the knife...
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