KA-BAR Tactical Spork (2-Pack)search

KA-BAR Tactical Spork (2-Pack)

KA-BAR Tactical Spork (2-Pack)

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What is this? I'm confused.
>650+ sold

C'mon guys. C'mon!!
FINALLY....something to go with my tactical coffee mug!!!!

Wonder if I can carry that onto my next flight? I hate those damn paper cups they give us in the cheap seats!
I don't know about a flight, but it is definitely hard to just carry this in general, and forget about it sitting in the cup holder in your car or even between your legs for that matter. This best use is to just not. Makes a better book end then a mug.
Waiting to hear a stand-your-ground incident enacted with tactical chopsticks. Cue the knee-jerk and totally security theater laws including more bans on random features on knives. "That pocket clip makes the knife dangerous"
Dude! These are the *best* for eating your tactical vegan dehydrated quinoa-kale pouch! The knife will make quick work of the tofu you take with you backpacking, too. What's more, you can be a ninja at school or the office when you use the chopsticks to eat your cup ramen. It won't be regular ramen, it'll be TACTICAL ramen!

Now, when is Massdrop going to offer a tactical koozie (MOLLE-compatible in black or camouflage) for my tactical Slurpee?
If you are gonna bash vegans get it straight. That is tactical vegan dehydrated quinoa-kale-tempeh and gluten free. Because some special ops have celiac disease.
*Bash* vegans? No, I'm *celebrating* vegans!

I have it on good authority that the knife works just as well on tempeh as it does on tofu.
TACTICAL spork? srsly?
Finally, a spork I can't even legally take on a plane. Brilliant product idea. I hope they're cranking them out at like 50 cents a piece so that only a few pay off the doubtless cases of these sitting in a warehouse collecting dust.
I only came here for the replies to the inevitable scathing and incredulous comments that there exists in the world such a thing as tactical cutlery.

I really want to know who buys this stuff and what is their motivation for purchasing an item that doubles both as a shovel for dehyds and a fearsome instrument of death.

Given that most of these comments originate in the US of A, where gun ownership is both easy and socially acceptable, if you really wish to kill someone just go out and by a freaking handgun.
Same here and this thread has delivered.
These are cheaper on Amazon!!! You can get a 4 pack for $23.93 or a 2 pack for $13.47
Way cheaper on Amazon.
How come I cant seem to order it without choosing the add-on chopsticks?
Same here.
I'll order the sporks when I can choose to not get the chopsticks.
Praise be unto this day, when my joke from grade school became reality
These are actually great, the knife works great for cutting steak.

However, they are $3-4 cheaper on Amazon with free next day shipping. WTF MD. #fail.
I’ve finally figured out what tactical means.

It means it’s black and has super aggressive knurling on the grip. And maybe has something pokey or that can otherwise be used as a weapon, in case of a surprise attack.

That said, the only tactical kitchen utensil or appliance I can think of needing is one of those egg toppers. You know, the tool that cuts the top off of soft boiled eggs so you can dip your fingers of field toast into the creamy, yolky goodness when under fire.

When are we going to see the tactical egg toppers drop here?

Would be perfect if bundled with the set of tactical titanium egg cups.