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Kaihua Kailh Speed Switches

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Got mine much earlier than expected, pleasant surprise! :-) now I just have to decide whether or not to go with the stock springs
But that don't mean I ain't by the tester version I'm going to wait for MSI GAMING to release the keyboard with this new copper.
I Think I will like copper RESTOCK ALERTZ
restock the copper one please

Album #1: https://imgur.com/a/uzYiB
Album #2: https://imgur.com/a/Xhb3q
Album #3: https://imgur.com/a/afyZp

My KBD75, built for gaming, is sporting Kailh Silvers, 62g SPRiT spring, and then thoroughly lubed with GPL105/205. For this intent, they're hard to beat. Actuation is at the TIPPITY TOP of the switch; a sneeze or light breeze can put your board into an automated state :P. In all seriousness, I am typing this post with them and I'm able to do so with only two to three hundred backspaces. NO... REALLY... They're not that bad. The response time is instantaneous and exactly what I wanted for Overwatch. Most of my abilities are adjacent to WASD (Q=1,E=2,3=Ult, as well as M4,M5,MW). I rarely fat finger anything; however,I do lie on occasion, blaming an intentional bad decision as a keyboard malfunction.

I never tested them stock, so I can't speak of how they perform under normal circumstances. However, with 62g springs and a lube job, they become incredibly smooth and enjoyable to use. So much so, they turned me on to Linears in general. I now excitedly await my Southpaw Full Size & Tokyo60; I'm planning on going Gateron 65g Lubed Blacks in the Tokyo and possibly 65g Lubed Kailh Clickies in the other. Who knows though.

TLDR (Regarding Kailh Silvers)
- If accuracy, tactility or auditory feedback is your goal, RUN and never look back.
- If speed, smooth linear goodness, and gaming "performance" is your goal, you're in the right place.
Wanted copper also... but no pennies to be found :(
Came for the copper. No copper. :(
Try AliExpress (search for kailh copper). A bit more expensive (110 for $32 shipped at last check, other quantities available) and they have the white bottom housing, but you will probably receive it sooner.
thanks for the tip, also came for copper
The golds are great, I’ve used them on my last two keyboards, but I got them cheaper than this on aliexpress, with immeadiate shipping.
Why is copper shown in the picture and listed in the specs but not an option in the drop? Disapponting since massdrop “oversold” the last round of these switches and cancelled multiple orders.
I use gold ones since few weeks and for now the are the best clicky ones for me. My problem with most clickies was the travel distance. Those one are perfect on this fit. Highly recommend.

Images here: https://imgur.com/a/OArIn
I joined this drop but now my order just says "cancelled" - what gives?
They fucked up the amount in stock. They put more than they had. They are sending an apology and I think a coupon for the mess up. Same happened to me.
Just got a refund from massdrop because they oversold the switches. Massdrop never fails to amaze me.
Same. Was looking forward to several different switch sets to use with the upcoming CTRL keyboard. Not sure why it took so many days for them to say whoops we went over our limits.
I was so excited. These were the switches I was going to use for my first project and now I don't have everything that I need. Was going to be done with it next week but now i don't have switches...
I understand that the order ships on Thursday, March 29, 2018. However, are these key switches shipping from China? If so, should I expect the arrival to the contiguous United States to be like 6 weeks from the ship date?
FWIW, I joined the last drop, mine shipped on the 26th of Feb and I'm still waiting for them. I'm in Australia though, has anyone else received theirs from the drop before this most recent one?

Edit: Oh, by the way, according to DHL's tracking info, the first step of the journey was the DHL Ecommerce Distribution Center in Secaucus, NJ, US, so assuming that's the case for the more recent drop, I'd guess you'll get yours before I get mine :(
Still waiting for mine from this drop as well