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Got mine much earlier than expected, pleasant surprise! :-) now I just have to decide whether or not to go with the stock springs
But that don't mean I ain't by the tester version I'm going to wait for MSI GAMING to release the keyboard with this new copper.
I Think I will like copper RESTOCK ALERTZ
restock the copper one please


Album #1: https://imgur.com/a/uzYiB Album #2: https://imgur.com/a/Xhb3q Album #3: https://imgur.com/a/afyZp
My KBD75, built for gaming, is sporting Kailh Silvers, 62g SPRiT spring, and then thoroughly lubed with GPL105/205. For this intent, they're hard to beat. Actuation is at the TIPPITY TOP of the switch; a sneeze or light breeze can put your board into an automated state :P. In all seriousness, I am typing this post with them and I'm able to do so with only two to three hundred backspaces. NO... REALLY... They're not that bad. The response time is instantaneous and exactly what I wanted for Overwatch. Most of my abilities are adjacent to WASD (Q=1,E=2,3=Ult, as well as M4,M5,MW). I rarely fat finger anything; however,I do lie on occasion, blaming an intentional bad decision as a keyboard malfunction.
I never tested them stock, so I can't speak of how they perform under normal circumstances. However, with 62g springs and a lube job, they become incredibly smooth and enjoyable to use. So much so, they turned me on to Linears in general. I now excitedly await my Southpaw Full Size & Tokyo60; I'm planning on going Gateron 65g Lubed Blacks in the Tokyo and possibly 65g Lubed Kailh Clickies in the other. Who knows though.
TLDR (Regarding Kailh Silvers) - If accuracy, tactility or auditory feedback is your goal, RUN and never look back. - If speed, smooth linear goodness, and gaming "performance" is your goal, you're in the right place.
Wanted copper also... but no pennies to be found :(
Came for the copper. No copper. :(
Try AliExpress (search for kailh copper). A bit more expensive (110 for $32 shipped at last check, other quantities available) and they have the white bottom housing, but you will probably receive it sooner.
thanks for the tip, also came for copper
The golds are great, I’ve used them on my last two keyboards, but I got them cheaper than this on aliexpress, with immeadiate shipping.
Why is copper shown in the picture and listed in the specs but not an option in the drop? Disapponting since massdrop “oversold” the last round of these switches and cancelled multiple orders.
I use gold ones since few weeks and for now the are the best clicky ones for me. My problem with most clickies was the travel distance. Those one are perfect on this fit. Highly recommend.
Images here: https://imgur.com/a/OArIn
I joined this drop but now my order just says "cancelled" - what gives?
They fucked up the amount in stock. They put more than they had. They are sending an apology and I think a coupon for the mess up. Same happened to me.
Just got a refund from massdrop because they oversold the switches. Massdrop never fails to amaze me.
Same. Was looking forward to several different switch sets to use with the upcoming CTRL keyboard. Not sure why it took so many days for them to say whoops we went over our limits.
I was so excited. These were the switches I was going to use for my first project and now I don't have everything that I need. Was going to be done with it next week but now i don't have switches...
I understand that the order ships on Thursday, March 29, 2018. However, are these key switches shipping from China? If so, should I expect the arrival to the contiguous United States to be like 6 weeks from the ship date?
FWIW, I joined the last drop, mine shipped on the 26th of Feb and I'm still waiting for them. I'm in Australia though, has anyone else received theirs from the drop before this most recent one?
Edit: Oh, by the way, according to DHL's tracking info, the first step of the journey was the DHL Ecommerce Distribution Center in Secaucus, NJ, US, so assuming that's the case for the more recent drop, I'd guess you'll get yours before I get mine :(
Still waiting for mine from this drop as well
Can a mod/support help me with an order before drop?
I picked up the Kailh Speed Bronze switches some drops ago, and I have since installed them on a Glorious PC Gaming Race Glorious Modular Keyboard. I have been using this combo as my daily driver at home for 6 or 7 weeks now.
Overall I have really enjoyed typing and gaming on them these past few months. The metal leaf design is really unlike anything else I have tried. The keys strike a great balance between being feather-light and having enough resistance to reject stray key presses. They are listed as 50g, but I would say overall the switch feels much lighter than a Cherry/Gateron blue (Input Club's force graph seems to back this up). The tactile bump feels much thinner as well. The click has a loud and unique sound that I would describe as "sharp" in comparison to Cherry/Gateron blues. It's surprisingly satisfying and gives keystrokes an added weight that other speed switches lack.
However, they still aren't perfect. I found myself accidentally pressing keys while resting at home row from time to time (granted, I have the same problem with MX Silvers but worse). It seems that the activation point is so close to the clicky point that it's possible to activate them without producing a click.
With all that said, I still think these switches are fantastic and I would recommend these switches for their unique feel and excellent quality.
This time around I'm springing for the Copper pack. I would love to see if they maintain a similar feel while being much quieter, so that I could swap them in my keyboard at work.
Just Joined the DROP! I wanted thhese so bad!
Another one... Does this work with the any Corsair key board? ... Or does this drop mainly focus on "custom" built keyboard.
If your corsair has MX style switches it'll work
Are you asking about the switches themselves? Because the answer is "yes", but only if you're willing to undertake the tedious task of taking it apart and doing the work with a soldering iron.
That's a great price for the plank set. Like for me I'm looking for 87 switches for my tenkeyless keyboard. So if I were to get to plank sets I'd only spend $18 plus shipping and handling versus the 25 plus shipping and handling.
Another interesting thought is if you need two full sets for two keyboards then you'd be looking at$50 for 240 switches but I'd recommend getting five Planck keyboard sets which is $45 and 245 switches.
This seems like a phenomenal deal for a Planck keyboard $9 worth of switches and you are set, granted you still have to pay shipping and handling.
Good thing I only use Let's Splits. :D
Does anyone know if this would work with the Wooting One keyboard?
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No, they won't work at all. The switches for optical boards have no contacts because there are no contact points on the PCB. The work is done passively by interacting with optical sensors.
Having said that, I've been trying to find if it would be possible to swap switch internals on the Gateron optical switches for internals on other "normal" switches. If it would be possible, then it'd be the ultimate tinkerer's setup to be able to easily experiment with switch configurations without soldering or wearing out hotswap sockets.
Actually that is a really good idea
I bought a pack of golds on a whim. I don't even have a project set for them yet and I am extremely happy with them. Now to figure out something to build....
I just got my coppers a few days ago and noticed something.
While I was waiting to get them I picked up a test pack of 27 different Kailh switches from Novel Keys. These speed switches weren't included, and the pins on the bottom of the switches from Novel Keys are of different thickness; one pin is very slightly thicker than the other on all 27 different switches. But on the Massdrop switches, the pins are the same thickness (they are both "narrow").
Can anyone shed some light on this?
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Yeah, you're right. I was confused and assumed that this drop was the same switch as came with my K-Type, with a light pipe.
But the description is very explicit that the switches are the ones WITHOUT the light pipe. Which is good news for me, because that's the kind I wanted anyway.
Great post! Thank you for all that. I have the following to contribute...
Problem Inconsistencies in Kailh switch form factor.
Goals 1) Get my board up and running the way I envision. 2) Draw attention to the fact that the way we refer to switches is insufficient, if we value accuracy.
Points of Interest * Pins - All of the switches I'm working with have 2 pins. Images are taken from the same angle, so we can refer to the pins as being either left or right. * Pin contour - I've noticed two types: straight, and what I'm going to call serrated. * Pin width - This was new to me, and has proven to be the main problem with my current build. I'm going to go with thin and thicker, and very thick.
Abstract Learning in progress. I received the K-Type with Halo Trues as a gift a few months ago. Loved the switches, but not the keyboard; returned to Massdrop. In an effort to build something similar, I bought an inexpensive switch-swappable keyboard on Amazon that came with blue switches. These switches turned out to be Outemo. My plan was to swap these out with the Kailh Copper Speed Switches (available in this drop). For the hell of it, I also purchased a sample pack of 27 different Kailh switches from Novel Keys. With everything in-hand, here's what I've found:
Outemo Blue clicky, straight out of the switch-swappable keyboard Contour left - somewhat serrated Contour right - straight Width left - thin Width right - thicker

Kailh Copper Speed tactile, straight from Massdrop (this drop) Contour left - straight Contour right - straight Width left - thin Width right - thicker

Unspecified Kailh tactile, from Novel Keys Contour left - straight Contour right - straight Width left - thicker Width right - very thick * * *Also notice the depressed center post

Unspecified Kailh clicky, from Novel Keys Contour left - straight Contour right - straight Width left - thicker Width right - very thick * * *This is a very, very heavy clicky switch that I wanted to use for Caps Lock, which I frequently activate on accident. I tried to file the thicker pin down, only to learn that it is hollow. More accurately, it appears to be two concave pieces laid belly-to-belly, as evidenced by the way it split down the seams on either side.

Concluding Comments Only after all this hands-on testing did I learn that the board I bought - the one that came with Outemo blues - will only accept thin and thicker switches. Filing down the very thick pins resulted in destruction of the pin.
Clearly, there is inconsistency in the Kailh switch pins. I'm sure there's a good reason for this but I don't know why. If any of you know, please do speak up and inform those of us that aren't in the know. Because of these inconsistencies, it's difficult to communicate all the information required to do custom work with simple references like "Outemo blues" or "Kailh coppers."
For example - remember those Halo Trues that I said I like so much? I have no idea what the pins on those are like.
Or how about the other color switches in this drop. Do they have the same pins as the coppers I received? *shrug* I guess I wouldn't know unless I bought them.
What about that one board I got from that one place, and those switches I got from that drop last year - are those compatible? *shrug*
Admittedly, I still have a great deal to learn, but doing so can be expensive. And yeah, yeah - "If u sodder then you dun have to wory about pins lul" - If any of you are reading this, then this discussion clearly isn't for you.
Finally, this is my cat, Ike. He's watching me Dremel and destroy switch pins. He was just diagnosed with advanced diabetes and I've spent thousands of dollars that I don't have over the past weeks on testing and treatment. That's why I'm cheapin' out on putting together a new keyboard for him to lay on. He loves Halo Trues, too. Wish him well!
Do these have the light pipe casing like is found on the switch options for the Input Club K-Type?
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They advertised the kaihua speed silvers and speed coppers as having the light pipe casings in the input club k-type drop.
Well, the Halo switches were only offered for the K-Type, too, so it appears that only switches that were manufactured for the K-Type, then, had the light pipe housing.
Sorry for the noob question, but are these through-hole led compatible?
Thanks a lot!
I've purchased these in Silver, Copper, and Bronze. Of the three, the Coppers are my favorite for regular use since I generally tend to like the tactile switches. My only complaint is that they're almost too light for my liking. The Bronze are nice because that click they have is so. damned. loud. and I love the hell out of that. I've tried the silvers and while they feel pretty smooth, I really don't like them very much. This is due to the fact that they're so light that I just don't feel comfortable typing on them, and I tend to typo quite frequently. I haven't tried the golds, but might give them some consideration in the future.
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i have the navy switches with thick doubleshot sa keycaps and the sound gorgeous. Glad that i was able to help you :)
The bronze are definitely one of the loudest clicky switches I've ever heard. You should hear the click on my Gherkin! (You know ... that keyboard I don't use because I'm pretty lame at coming up with a decent keymap for it?)
And to add to @Odin_De's comment - the Thick Click box switches on novelkeys.xyz are supposed to be seriously clacky clicky switches. I haven't purchased any yet. I don't really relish the though of my husband kicking me out of the house for keeping him up at night with the clack. ;-)
why is there no 120 copper option on checkout
Same Q. I want the 120 copper pack
I just want to say I use the speed coppery at work and I absolutely love them. Coworkers not so much.
Is there any update on the ship date? I havent heard anything from Massdrop since the notification about the delay on 1/17/18. It has almost been a month since that notice and even longer since the end of the drop.
I got mine promptly from the last drop. You should contact MD.
The original ship date of January 16 got pushed back, and I haven't seen any updates since then. But a couple comments below seem to indicate that some people have received their switches. Can anyone with new information give us an update, please?
I got mine promptly from the last drop. You should contact MD.
Just lubed the Copper Speeds I recieved & swapped 100g/150g springs into them. I shouldn't have to deal with bottoming out anymore with these bad boys.
Out of curiosity and because I may want to do the same, would you mind sharing what lubricant you used, and where you got the springs? Thanks.
SPRiT sells their springs on eBay. They ship direct from Korea & take week to arrive, if you live in the US like I do.
Krytox 206 on every surface of the slider that comes into contact with the switch housing. Krytox 105 on the springs. Both came from Amazon.
I received my order this speed bronze switches this weekend, and noticed that the prongs are *way* thicker (flat, thick) than the speed coppers that came with my K-Type (slim, cylindrical). Am I missing something here? I don't want to damage my board trying to fit this sucker in...