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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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What's the point of this drop?
So can those 3 spare Blue, Brown, and Red keycaps be used? which 2 are the red ones and which one is yellow?! is this a useful tool?!

Just order this one from here, its not white but it comes with Box whites and is $1 cheaper and will ship right away.
It's about $1 more once you include shipping costs on that website. You'll be paying a dollar to get it maybe 3-4 days earlier. It's only worth if you need it urgently (they have faster shipping options at an extra cost) or if you want it in Black color.
This one also seems to have QC issues with some of the switches not staying on it. The other one also comes with Box switches which are much better.
I got mine when I expected it and it is a good product. One of my key caps is too loose and keeps falling off the switch, but otherwise everything works perfectly and hasn't broken yet.
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Maybe if I need to show it off or something. Otherwise... I can't be bothered ;P
Finally got a shipping notification!
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Did you guys ever receive it?
Yes i received mine, a bit slow but worked out in the end.
Still no shipping 15 days after the ship date?
any updates?
is there an update on these?
Hmm, estimated ship date was 6 days ago.
PeterK, any updates? just a little curious, this is one of 2 drops I'm on that's gone a bit passed the "estimated ship date"
It works, what more can I say. Its in a cup on my desk, and it has come in handy a number of times.
It's alright if you don't already have a wire keycap puller. Much better to invest in an actual keycap tester if you do already have a keycap puller.
The keycaps are flimsy and not full height. I've already lost two. But they're easily exchanges and you can sub other keyswitches with little effort. Overall I'm pleased.
I wish my 8$ will well spent with this
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I think some people don't know it's private.
And some people do it to hide the things they bought for numerous reasons.
Me, I say judge me and I will judge you back!
I like fighting, grin! :D

PS honestly though, I don't even know why MD lets people hide anything.
I think making everyone public is the only way to go and it helps stop trolls.
We already have tons of people baiting on drops and they have never spent a dime here.
Wikki giant dildos and pocket pussies? you must be looking for massturbation drop ! :-D