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Fujiwara Kanefusa FKM Series Kitchen Knives

Fujiwara Kanefusa FKM Series Kitchen Knives

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really expensive for aus8
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They've reduced the price of shipping which partly makes up for it, but the chef's knife was only $50 (lowest drop price was $35) in many previous drops.
Damn. If I'd seen it at that price I may have picked up some as gifts
Hey guys sorry for the long post, just thought I'd weigh in here with some insight on this line. I've been using the 210mm gyuto (the one offered here) in restaurant kitchens for about three years now.

I love this knife, and I don't really have anything bad to say about it. It's my go to knife for during dinner service. It's shorter length compared to the 240 mm I use during prep means it's not getting in my way during service. And as long as you maintain it properly it will stay razor sharp for quite awhile.

While I do love these knives they may not be for everyone and there are a few things you should know before purchasing.

First they are not symmetrically ground, meaning the two sides of the knife are sharpened at different angles. This allows the knife to slice things thinner, but left handed users will notice the knife steering because it's designed for righties. (Korin has a great sharpening YouTube channel that covers all types of knives including asymmetrical grinds).

Second they are designed to be used with a proper pinch grip. Meaning you hold the knife by pinching the blade with your thumb and pointer finger then just loosely wrap you remaining fingers around the handle. People complaining about the handles being to short are using a hammer grip which gives you less control over the knife and should never be used anyway.

Third these are Japanese steal and are significantly harder than European knives. DO NOT USE A HONING STEEL ON THESE KNIVES. They are used to realign the microscopic teeth on softer steal knives between sharpening. This steal is more brittle and a honing steel with just damage them. Maintain your edge preferably with a f w passes over a high grit stone, but ceramic or diamond sharpening rods work as well (I use a ceramic rod at work because I can't break out the stones during service).

Finally the blade shape is not very conductive to rock chopping. It's designed for push/pull cutting. Also it'd not a very tall knife so users with larger hands may find their knuckles hitting the board.

If those few caveats don't bother you then this is a great knife and I highly recommend it.
A very well thought out and thorough review, I like seeing that 👍

I have to question one thing though....
I know many Japanese kitchen knives should not be used with a traditional steel due to their hardness, but... Does Aus-8 at 57-58 rockwell really fit that category?

It doesn't matter to me all that much, I own a ceramic rod, not a steel (since most of mine are above 60hrc), I'm just purely curious.
Where does the cutoff for steeling lie?
Still cheaper to buy from chefknivestogo.com
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Shipping and taxes, maybe?
Free fast shipping
The handles are too short. Especially on the Gyuto. I cannot get all four fingers on the handle.
Why no shipping to Israel?
Made and manufactured in Japan?
I’m torn between this and Kanetsugu Saiun. Do you guys think the latter is better than the former? I was thinking if I should wait for Massdrop to restart the drop on Kanetsugu Saiun or I should go ahead with this. I just dabble into the world of cooking and therefore my knowledge of knives is extremely limited.
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Wow thanks for the awesome information! I’ll stick to the gyuto for now :)
You’re welcome, and if you have any other questions just ask away I’ll try to answer them to my best ability.
Hi. i saw your FAQ. mentioned that you can ship to singapore. But the checkout didnt allow. Can some one help?
That list is for countries that Massdrop can ship knives to, but does not mean that every drop will ship to every country.

Geographical restriction on sale, not shipping restriction.
Ugh shipping on 22nd? So much for Xmas gifts for my coworkers.
if there's a sujihiki option I would be definitely in.
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