Kanemoto VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knifesearch

Kanemoto VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knife

Kanemoto VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knife

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Anybody know where I can probably buy other type of knife from this brand? I love this so much and I want to buy other knife from them but I can‘t find the one that’s froM them.
made in japan?
Yes. That's the first thing mentioned.
i see dead people
Are there any recommendations for sheathes?
Is this a traditional chisel edge, or is it a regular V bevel?
I see the bolsters, but is this knife full tang?
Three rivets and the tang being visible from the back indicate that it probably is.
yeah... I really like it.

Common... cant ship to israel?! Anazon do ship it to israel... why massdrop no?
same. I want this in HK so badly.
how many layers is this?
VG-10 Damascus Steel is 67 Layers
I bought the same knife a year ago and all i can say that it's a great one thought I cut myself several time.
The price is cheaper than I thought so all of you guys should just buy it without second though!!

I just bought a miyabi fusion fir the same price: http://www.cutleryandmore.com/miyabi-fusion/chefs-knife-p129083?gclid=CJmh16vHg9MCFQ9EfgodlcoA8w

the knives look similar to me
Just found this. How much was the price of the last drop? Will there be a second run?
You guys carry around a kitchen knife with you every day?
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No!!! Only Monday - Saturday :)
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