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Kanemoto VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knife

Kanemoto VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knife

Where's the price?
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Anyone bought this? What did you think?
Anybody know where I can probably buy other type of knife from this brand? I love this so much and I want to buy other knife from them but I can‘t find the one that’s froM them.
made in japan?
Yes. That's the first thing mentioned.
i see dead people
Are there any recommendations for sheathes?
Is this a traditional chisel edge, or is it a regular V bevel?
I see the bolsters, but is this knife full tang?
Three rivets and the tang being visible from the back indicate that it probably is.
yeah... I really like it.

Common... cant ship to israel?! Anazon do ship it to israel... why massdrop no?
same. I want this in HK so badly.
how many layers is this?
VG-10 Damascus Steel is 67 Layers
I bought the same knife a year ago and all i can say that it's a great one thought I cut myself several time. The price is cheaper than I thought so all of you guys should just buy it without second though!!
I just bought a miyabi fusion fir the same price: http://www.cutleryandmore.com/miyabi-fusion/chefs-knife-p129083?gclid=CJmh16vHg9MCFQ9EfgodlcoA8w
the knives look similar to me
Just found this. How much was the price of the last drop? Will there be a second run?
You guys carry around a kitchen knife with you every day?
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Haha crap didn't even see the timestamp. I thought it's no biggie to reply to messages at any time, but to think of it it could be annoying for someone to see replies to things from years ago.
What year is this
So is the handle for a specific hand? I'm left handed, so having a handle hinder my usage would be a bit frustrating.
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Yup this perfectly symmetrical knife is for ambidextrous people only ;)
Edit: OK just noticed that the bevel actually does look asymmetrical, but that could be a manufacturing error or a trick of the light.
this type of knife has a 1 sided edge type of grind, it's meant to be that way, I don't know enough other than to say it's on purpose.
Please MassDrop, if you can get the Shun Premier Santoku for under $150 i'd get it in an instant.
These look eerily similar to jck gekko, togiharu hammered, kantsune.....Etc.
I can't tell the difference apart from the blade markings.
I thought so as well. Probably the same knife, manufactured at the same factory, just labeled differently.
I 2nd or 3rd the bevel question. From the one blade pic, it looks like a right handed bevel.
I founds stuffs on Kanemoto heritage on a knife brand called SEKIMAGOROKU : The origin of Seki smithing dates back about 700 years from now to the Kamakura era, when a sword smith called Motoshige found the blade clay of good quality at Mukaiyama in Seki while visiting Mino district and started the sword smiting there, further finding other favorable conditions for it. Seki smithing saw many well-known master craftsmen including above all Seki-no-Magoroku Kanemoto and Shizu Saburo Kaneuji who are too famous to mention and it is said more than 300 sword smiths were there when swordsmithing flourished.
This is a cool read too: http://www.sho-shin.com/kanemoto.html
People dig the kanemoto school: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/7327-kanemoto/
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It is unlikely to be entirely VG10. with the damascus, and the price point.
I am willing to wager it is the standard modern Japanese vg10 core clad/sandwiched in 37 - 67 layer damascus.
It's VG-10 core (got one during the last drop, and this info is on the inserts).

Hey Everyone - Just to clarify this blade is full tang and I've seen this question come up a lot recently so I wanted to give my take on the subject. Tang construction does not define the strength or quailty of a knife - a full (non tapered) tang it is largely used for ease of construction and weight distribution/balance.
My personal woods knife is a "stick tang" and I trust that it will do anything I need...
Good looking out and nice WhiteFox.
Looks like full tang but I'm wary since this isn't mentioned. Can anyone confirm?
I'm sure it is full tang--it would be weird if the tang stopped before the third rivet. But I'm not sure anything about this knife can be confirmed. There is no info on this brand or this knife online.
Thanks, Lobster but I'm still not convinced. The only pic that shows the tang only goes half-way up the handle. I've even seen knives that look like they have a full tang but it's just an inlay. If a manufacturer doesn't explicitly state "full tang" I get suspicious.
What angle are these sharpened to?
Why are the knives on here so expensive. I bought my Shun for $60 bucks.
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The 2nd and 3rd paragraph in your point is exactly what I'm saying by saying it's "overpriced".
I picked up a few years ago a shun Sora chef and santuko knives for about 40 bucks each. The VG 10 is welded onto the blade. They're excellent performers in my opinion.
Has anyone found any reviews of this knife online?
I'm very interested in it, but I would like to do some reading before I commit