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Kanetsune Kiridashi Fixed Blade Knife

Kanetsune Kiridashi Fixed Blade Knife

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fuckin weebs mayn lol
In traditional Japanese knife making it is not uncommon to have a saya that is shaped roughly like the handle of the knife, and it would make this knife much more attractive to me on that basis. Your "bottom line" demonstrates your ignorance and your argument that it would be "disguised as a wooden capsule or whatever" is completely moronic. It should be up to the buyer to follow their local laws, just like Massdrop puts right at the top of the sale. I'm sure there are some parts of the world where having this knife in your pocket would be illegal as it is currently sold.
why the sheath has such an awkward shape???
I've never thought about a kiridashi of this style as being an "easy to carry" item, to me they're more of a shop tool.
They make excellent marking knives for woodworking.
(though, ideally, a pair of left and right handed versions would be needed)

That said, this particular one is currently on knifecenter for $8.95 +$2.99 shipping (ships in 7-10 days)
And on PerryKnifeWorks for $6.99 (couldn't see shipping costs without signing up for an account)
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oh well fuck me, he did mention shipping, nevermind
Yeah, i did mention shipping, to give an overall price as to what's relevant to me. No high horse involved, but I'm not checking shipping for everyone worldwide.
If this is a better deal for shipping to other countries, that's great, and I'm happy for you, really.
But for me, in the US, buying from a company that ships from the US, yes, i would expect a "group buy discount" to be cheaper than what I can get elsewhere in less time on a single order, or else what's the point?
Almost pulled the trigger but realized that the sheath was flat. Would have been nicer if it matched the shape of the handle.
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Actually there are laws and regulations around this (granted they differ state to state). This knife, if it had a sheath the same size and shape as its handle, and was carried around in public, would fall under conceal carry laws. Or in the case of California, this would be a “misleading knife” and therefore illegal, but in Arizona it would be perfectly fine.
I see a bunch of comments after mine and don’t want to stoke any more fires. But I just think it makes for a better aesthetic, that’s all. Just a simple observation.
But living in several countries before I settled here in the US, I’ve come to a conclusion that if a LEO / Military decides that you are a threat, regardless if your blade meets your local laws, they will flag you down.
Best to be polite, respectful, and comply. If they are corrupt and you don’t have the funds to give a bribe , you are pretty much done.
I’ve seen some questionable stuff being sold as a personal weapon camouflaged as some harmless item, I suggest folks purchasing these items be ready for any consequences. Especially if someone gets killed or decides to sue you.

But like I said, this knife looks great. Just would look nicer to me with a matching sheath. No biggie.
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