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Kanto YU3 & YU5 Speakers

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I got these about a year ago and love them. Was thinking about getting a pair as a Christmas present for someone. Any ideas on if we will see a drop before then?
YU3 and YU5 have been discontinued for almost a year so do not expect another drop. Feel free to contact our support team directly if you need any info about our new speakers!
Got my YU5 today. I use this for mainly fro TV but using any of the optical TOSLINK inputs give my left speaker (the one with amp) a loud scratchy pink noise. The right passive speaker sounds okay. My input signal is good, since using an spare external DAC (TOSLINK to 3.5mm/RCA output) sounds fine. It's kinda annoying though I expected it to have multiple line input, hence the reason I bought this for.

Edit: okay the problem comes and goes... what is wrong with it.
Try switching audio settings on your TV (or source like a set top box / netflix app) to stereo or PCM and see if anything changes. It almost sounds like the bitrate / depth is being exceeded. Do you have any other optical sources you can test? Contact us directly with your TV's model number and Massdrop receipt when you can, support@kantoliving.com
Any idea if these will end up shipping on the 21st?
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I received my package today (YU3 matte white). Unfortunately, I'm missing the following items.

Remote with batteries
Power cord
Speaker wire
RCA – mini jack adapter
Rubber feet

What's the next step to get these items shipped to me? I submitted a Massdrop support request, but also wanted to check here since Kanto is shipping these directly.
Sorry about that, email us directly with your address and phone number and we'll send the accessories support@kantoliving.com
Very excited about this drop. I hope by some miracle they arrive ahead of schedule and I look forward to more Kanto products in the future.
are these better then SoundSticks III?
That's subjective. I haven't heard the SoundSticks in a long time, but I own the YU 3's and was pleasantly surprised by the sound. Will they have the upper/ mid bass of the 'Sticks? No. But I think they are much smoother, much more versatile. AND you can choose the sub you want.
1 shared amp?
Considering joining the drop, two questions:

1. Currently own the Swan M10s, would these be considered an upgrade? Looking for better bass extension.

2. I understand that the YU6 has better features and higher wattage, but is there any difference in sound quality between the YU5 and YU6? Specs seem to be the same.
No delivery to Europe? :(
Quick question: is the blue LED indicator active when the speaker is on in general, or does it only activate when connected via Bluetooth?
Blue when on. (LED remains on when speakers are in use)
Orange/Yellow when on standby.
Separate White indicator when paired with source.

Neither of the colors are annoying nor bright. The black translucent plastic does a great job of catching most light.
Always on
Just want to throw in a plug for Kanto's customer service, I had a pair of YU5's that blew a week ago, and the kind fellows at Kanto's customer service not only had a new pair of speakers out to me in less than a week with no fuss, they upgraded me to YU6's! Great company
so does any one know if the price is in US. I'm in Canada and I need to know.
Price is in US