Kaweco Special AL Fountain Pensearch

Kaweco Special AL Fountain Pen

Kaweco Special AL Fountain Pen

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I didn't have a good experience the one time I tried Kaweco: a Kaweco Sport with an EF nib. The nib wasn't particularly fine or smooth. Not defective, just nothing like I hoped for. I wonder if these are a bit like the old Rotring Newton/600s that I have: BEAUTIFUL hexagonal form, but disappointing nib function. Is there a compatible nib for the Kawecos that would work more like, say, a classic Shaeffer EF (e.g., Targa) or a Pilot EF, smooth with decent flow and truly precise? Even something like an old Montblanc F (with a decent amount of flex)?
Could anyone link me the proper convertor for this pen or confirm that this is the one I should get?


I've done some research but I wanna make sure I'm getting the right one. Thanks a bunch!
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Let me ask you about this pen. The design appeals to me tremendously, but i have a couple concerns:

1. I'm an unrepentant cap poster. Does the pen become unwieldy when posted?

2. That section looks slim! Would it work for large-handed me?

Posted the pen is tall, sure, but not significantly taller than a posted Safari, for example. It just gives the impression of being ridiculously tall because it's sleek (not slim, that Pelikan P381 is slim) and because of the way the cap posts.
The Special balances quite well posted.
That said, the section, may look like a grip, but it really isn't. You have to keep in mind that the nib is rather small; the section+nib are about the size of a #8 nib on a large Pelikan.
So, unless you have stiletto fingers, you are going to want to grip the pen just above the cap threads. That's how I use it, and if you use it like that, it's beautifully balanced when posted. In fact you have to post it.
Truth is the Special prioritizes form over function, but not to the point where it becomes unusable, it is... "special".
OMG , good memory. I had to go stare at the grip... it does flare out a bit toward the nib. That is always a plus... but dang I love the look of it. The grip looks slightly textured ??
Slim, kinda slim...... Glad you made me take a look at that. I have an immediate liking to the pen... When it’s one I take a strong liking to, I may risk it... Luckily there is a convert in the house 👍🏻 Remember, I took a chance on that heavy brass PIUMA . Love it !
It's a tough choice I'm debating between this pen or the brass Piuma!
Does the Kaweco sports clips fit on this pen? Looking for an all metal fountain pen with a clip.
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Yeah, the special has it's own clip available from Kaweco. Another missed opportunity to offer more options for Massdrop.
Great Ill check Amazon to see how the special clip will attach! Thank you.
I thought it's brass rather than aluminum?
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Both versions are good looking pens... the black is reminiscent of the vintage Eagle eyedropper pencil holders.
Kind of liking it - 4 days to ponder it. ( just bought a bunch of vintage pens to restore and I don’t think I’ll get them all one and sold in 4 days ) ☹️
Dang...where there's a will... there’s a way.... or so they say 😉
Knowing your pickiness when it comes to grip, I'd say your hands won't like it. I personally have no problem with it, but others have complained about the grip section or lack thereof.
I passed on this pen the last time it dropped. Then I actually saw it in person at a local store that sells Kaweco pens.

It's a cool looking as I thought it would be!

I'm in for one this time.
You’re fortunate to have a local store that carries fountain pens. Seems like all of the B&M stores are closing their doors.
This is a really attractive price point this time.
Massdrop should really consider offering additional nibs with their Kaweco drops; Kawecos are practically made for that.
If only this came with the calligraphy "flathead" nib as an add-on, that'd probably get the cost to >100$ for that 6-months no-interest PayPal Credit deal.
Never thought I'd see the Special drop.
My first "serious" pen, lol.
Still have it, still love it, hardly ever write with it.
This is one of the few early upgrades that I kept. It will always stay in my collection.
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I’ll admit, i cheated. I hooked up my Bluetooth keyboard to my iPhone and was able to type pretty quickly on that last comment. say what you will Agent P, your secret is safe with me. I’m about to jump on this Piuma drop and also get that baronfig joint that is a brass rollerball and a journal of pretty epic proportions. Dot grid with a green leather lock and key theme. Check it out.
Good Morning ☀️
I have a BT keyboard for my uncooperative digits... But it kinda gets in the way when I have pens scattered over the table. I am not fond of the on screen keyboard... I end up retyping things over and over. Otherwise it appears that I am speaking my own language... or illiterae. Perhaps that Lava soap has removed all traces of flesh and the screen doesn’t recognize my fingers as human 🤷🏻‍♀️
That Baronfig set is quite handsome, a good look for a gentleman. Which I assume you to be. Green is a great choice. Anything green is a good choice for just about anything... except sandwich meat in the fridge.
What kind of paper is in the journal ? Is it fountain pen friendly ??
We kind of hijacked this discussion page for comments on the Kaweco AL fountain pen. I don’t imagine folks care to read all our Höpö höpö!
Probably why they have a -Talk- section.... not that they want nonsense there either. I don’t recall seeing a topic for pen pal nonsense... though it might be a good way to get to know other MD writing folks...
Check and see if that journal is FPen friendly paper, I didn’t see mention of it. Unless you plan to stick to ballpoint/gel pens.
I do like the cryptic symbol, mazes and mystery idea... Mischief Managed !
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