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KBC Poker II Keyboard (Cherry MX Clear)

KBC Poker II Keyboard (Cherry MX Clear)

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Can I get an ISO layout poker 2 (or a poker 3) with Clear cherry MX...? Like, in Portuguese (or UK, or Spanish) layout?
Anyone? Please?
Included User Manual Link Is Dead. Why Am I Typing Like This? Nevermind.
I Still Had It On My PC. Here It Is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0K2U7cLW2eCZEI3Q084d3lsdGs/view?usp=sharing
Thanks for this keyboard,its perfect !!!!!! i lov it,and your site !!!

Please come back! :D
Great keyboard!
hey there's 753 people requesting to redo the drop. Any reason why this is not happening yet?
So I've had mine (with LEDs pre-installed) in for a bit now, and I gotta say I'm loving it so far. It's unfortunate though that I come home to one of my LEDs flickering (the number 9 key to be specific). Is this common among boards that come pre-installed with LEDs? Has anyone else who got one with LEDs had any problems? What are steps I can take to address said issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Anyone knows when the next drop will happen?
waiting for this to drop again......
#86 in the drop here. I was notified of shipping on the 13th, and it arrived today in Australia. I hope everyone else's will go as smoothly! I am enjoying my feeling ;)
I received mine today in Indonesia, take almost 50 days to arrive since 8th January for shipment.
Thanks massdrop, i love this keyboard. :D
Just received mine yesterday. Love the clears. QTWAVE
Received mine yesterday, 31st in drop. Not too bad after all.
Just got my Poker II and I must say, I'm loving it.... BUT the media keys aren't work at all! The volume keys don't do anything and the calc macro doesn't bring up anything either... Do I have to manually set these up in AHK or something? I replugged it into a 2.0 USB Hub and still nothing.
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Interesting that solved the media keys except... the calculator macro doesn't work and that's it. Everything else works fine though.
Glad to hear that helped, I just go mines to my doorstep 3 hours ago. I am in love! I just need to find a decent case for it though, the one that I got (white) is this weird off-white color, plus the rubber on the bottom really doesn't want to stay put on my wooden desk.

Forgot to mention that the media and function keys work properly.
Here she is:
Though I might add in that I got mine today (delayed a day by east coast snow). #188 in the drop!
Mine's still in customs according to Canada Post. :X

Seriously, there should be a policy change so that items that are not purchasable in the destination nation should not be subject to customs.
Just thought I'd chip in and say that I received mine today in the UK. Was shipped last week on the 12th Feb. I was number 8 in the drop and I have to say that I'm impressed with the time, especially since I'd heard some horror stories about it! Overall im happy and the keyboard is great. Hope you all get yours soon!
Oh, wow, looks like I may be getting mine way sooner that I thought - also UK and also shipped on the 12th. The hype, it's too much.

EDIT: Here it is! Typing on it right now and it is awesome!