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Are the Matias Quiet Pro keyswitches mislabeled? Looking on Matias' website and Google searching does not yield a result for a "Quiet Pro" keyswitch. I only see Quiet Click, Quiet Linear and Click. Both on their product pages and their store:
http://matias.ca/switches/ https://matias.store/collections/keycaps-and-switches-1
The Polestar version lists 3 Matias keyswitches which leads me to _assume_ Quiet Pro → Quiet Click. However, the Non-polestar version only lists 2, "Quiet Pro" and "Click":

Could I get some clarification?
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You already got away with the most famous heist of all time, and now you want clarification, too? Some people are never satisfied I guess.
I have to spend what money remains judiciously ;)
The KBP V60 Type R keyboards are fully programmable. This makes these boards more useful for me than the Pok3R, which does not allow the Right Ctrl key to be remapped. I like to use Right Ctrl as my Fn key, and I can do this with the KBP V60 Type R.
Now I want to get the Type R with Matias Click switches, but this is apparently only available in the "Polestar" version with the "underglow" LEDs, which I do not want or need. In fact, I would like to try swapping the translucent plastic case with a TEX aluminum case. Does anyone here know if the underglow LEDs interfere with mounting the board in an aluminum case?
The purchase list include Matias Click no Led. You can press JOIN DROP to see. It is not a problem for Type R board to fit into a TEX Aluminum case.
Thanks for the tip! I was basing my understanding of the available options on what was obtainable through Mechanicalkeyboards.com. It would appear that KBP has made V60R boards available with Matias switches and no LEDs through Massdrop. I've placed my order, and I have a TEX case waiting (although the stock cases are actually quite okay). The main thing I like to change on the V60 boards is the keycap set -- wish me luck getting the caps off the Matias switches without breaking something!
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Ducky channel feels so unloved on that chart.
The One mini looks to be my next board tbh
Pok3r master race
What's the difference between Matias Quiet Pro and Quiet Click?
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Quiet Pro (Massdrop Description)= Quiet Click(Matias official name) ( Grey stem) : Tactile
Quiet pro = Quiet click : Grey stem tactile Quiet Linear is Red stem Linear Click is white stem click.
if someone made dsa or xda keycaps with this type of legend and not made for RGB I would truly throw my money at you
I had one of these (the type-R polestar) and it started failing within a couple weeks. Random key presses registering, LEDs were off and would change when typing, it was a mess. Sent it back. Really sad about it too because I absolutely love the looks of it.
The description ought to be augmented. Currently, regarding features, the description says, " Mainly, the board features twice the backlighting. " To me, the main thing is that this keyboard is fully programmable! This is a big deal!
It would really be great if KBP were to make a fully programmable V60 with Matias switches.
EDIT: I just checked, and KBP does indeed make a V60 Type R (fully programmable) with Matias switches (click, tactile, and linear).
Hey guys, just wanted to make an announcement, this keyboard is now fully supported in QMK. You'll be able to set your keymaps, backlighting, and underglow. You can check it out here:
Do are of the underglow animations supported? For some reason the swirl mode does not work. Could it be because all of the LED's have to be the same color?
I'm having difficulty getting DFU to flash QMK on this keyboard. Can you help? dfu-util won't list this device.
So after only using my keyboard for like a week it has started screwing up. When the underglow is on it occasionally stops typing or spams a key for a second, while the lights glitch off as if the keyboard is not getting enough power. It appears to be working perfectly with the underglow turned off. I have moved it to different ports on my desktop which hasn't solved the problem. I'm not having any issues with any of my other peripherals or my K95 RGB. In the next paragraph I will attempt to retype this paragraph with the underglow turned on so that you can see what is happening.
So after only using my keyboard for like a week it has started scp. When the underglow is on it occasionally stops typing or spams a key for a second, while the lights glitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  if the keyboard is not getting enough power. It appears to be working perfffffffffffffffffffwith the underglow turned off. I have moved it to different ports on mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyektop which hasn't solved the problem. I'm not having any issues with any of my other perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrals or my K95 RGB. In the next paragraph I will attemp ype this paragraph with the underglow turned on so that you can see what is happening. As you can see that is extremely annoying and completely unacceptable in a premium product I jumped through so many hoops to get. All of this is happening with the stock USB cable. Obviously we are going to need to come up with some sort of a solution for this.
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Hey how much was it when you got your polestar here?
This is exactly what happened to me.
The purple lit base would look amazing with the MiTo GMK keys.
The laser keys that are on here right now to be specific.
The laser ones ones
which ones?
These are the worst looking keycaps I've ever seen on a stock keyboard. The alpha legends are so small that they take up less than 10% of the top surface area - with 90% of the keycap top surface area being blank. Very stupid design.
This was on not so long ago, I bought one. When will the Planc be back again?
Hey how much was it when you got your polestar here?
Eh around 109$ I think, wasn't that expensive compared to other 60%s
Really bummed that the polstar mx clear sold out, would of been a perfect christmas gift for someone I know.
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honestly my end game switch is Box Blacks at the moment and for Tactical I am really loving Kali Pro's with purple stims are Mod-M Tactical. I honestly find cherry switches to be highly over rated. There competition I feel is for the most part superior from what I have personally tried.
It's all preference really. I'd love to grab boards with Alps and other switches but I don't have the cash. I'm barely getting by right now. So far I've used red, brown, blue, and khail blue. My favorite is Brown, hands down. Clear just seems to be the perfect option for me so I keep the same tactile bump but bottom out less. I just don't have the capital to experiment.
To me, the most important feature of the V60 Type R is that it is completely programmable. MD might wish to place more emphasis on this point in the description.
Hey guys, I just put in QMK support. Unfortunately it's only for the Type R variant, not the Polestar as I haven't quite figured out how the LEDs work yet. If you're interested in checking it out....or even helping me implement LED support, please go over to: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/v60_type_r
LED support has been added....well It's been submitted as a pull request...so any day now. Special thanks to benlyall for that.
Can't believe I've missed this. How much did it go for?
$99 for regular and $109 for polestar I think
It's back up, now is your chance!
If you're Canadian, avoid dealing with Massdrop. On top of the exorbitant shipping charges, there is often an additional COD charge (surprise!). I've been reliably informed that it is not the shipping company but the sender that does this, namely Massdrop. They count on the fact that between the long wait times and frequent delays, Canadians will pay the added cost. On my last purchase of a 60% board, the cost of getting the keyboard was nearly doubled the total price. Let's put an end to these douchey practices.
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That sounds pretty messed up - and definitely not in line with how Massdrop tries to approach business. I checked when I last wrote with someone on our shipping team, and they assured me it was via DHL. But I'll follow-up with the leader of the team and make sure I have the full information. Thanks for letting me know.
Not that I have a dog in that fight, but I can't think of the last time I got free shipping from Canada to the US and we're just down the road, as you say.
You do save $30 in shipping fees here though, to Australia anyway. ($18 here, $47 there)
Saw this, ordered a vintage one for cheaper at https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2703 :)
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We choose a particular switch because our empirical research and personal preferences lead to that choice. Telling people who have just priced MX Clears that their price only applies to Clears is a bit redundant.
Yes, I noticed the prices for other switches, but (1) they didn't apply to the switch I mentioned specifically and (2) Massdrop didn't have Clears available to purchase with the Polestar config. The same is true for Black switches, but not the others in the drop.
I'm sure you meant well, but it would have made more sense to post prices for different switches for other members. It's unnecessary to tell me that the price I'd quoted for Clears was "only for the clear cherry."
Uh, ok.
Will this work with this case? - https://www.massdrop.com/buy/42130
would have happily bought into these if they offered a clear version. The 99 dollar price tag would have been amazing I had a keyboard build I wanted to try but ... you know I just skip this round and hope for better luck next time.
Merlin64 made review here,

Review: https://youtu.be/MclO0cLKOj4 Programming: https://youtu.be/47G_m3M8P8I Typing Test: https://youtu.be/dJiHyvNTQBE
Hey, Massdrop! If only two keyboards have been sold, then how can the Polestar R with clears be sold out already? Wouldn't it be less cruel to either offer the version with clears or remove it as an option entirely?
Every time I try to participate in an iteration of this particular drop, the clears are sold out. This time, I tried to join at the inception of the drop and the number of sales that would justify unavailability was not remotely convincing.
Two keyboards sold and blacks and clears are gone? Come on! That would mean you only had one of each.
If you're going to offer the Polestar R with clears and blacks, then do it. If you're going to introduce those options halfway through the drop, then say so and don't make people miss out. If clears and blacks were never a real option and serve only to piss people off, then remove them from the list! If you have some viable reason for keeping unattainable options on the purchase page despite how that makes members feel, then come here and tell us what it is.
If it's the fault of KBParadise and isn't accidental, then let us know so that those of us who are tired of it can decide whether to support that company in the future.
I'm assuming they were available previously and are not available this time around.
It sounds as though you didn't finish reading my last post. Here's the gist:
I tried to participate in this iteration of the V60 R drop and Polestars with clears were not available from the beginning. I tried to participate in the original drop and clears were not available then, either.
From what I've read, a total of two to four people have been able to purchase the V60 R Polestar with clears from Massdrop.
Given those numbers, the option should be removed entirely from this drop or qualified in the description on the product page (see the gray text box).
If buying a Polestar R V60 with clears is impossible for 99.9% of Massdrop's customers, then that should be specified from the beginning. Massdrop makes sure we understand that only one or two items are available in a given category when running its periodic inventory-clearing sales. Massdrop should make the scarcity of clears equally understood here. There's no point in making us pay attention to a drop if our chances of getting what we want are nil. A drop is not a contest.
2 boards sold, 3 committed and blacks are already sold out...
Yeah I just don't support companies like this. If you are going to make boards at least have the basic switches if not all of them and dont limit how many of each switch
V60! Finally a keyboard to harvest the Matias plate from! Oh wait, Cherry only... The best thing about these was that they also existed in Matias variants.
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I thought you were trying to convince me this was better than anything else. XD
I'm into cars, so to me Type R means improved, now I get programmability is a huge improvement, but dropping Matias support isn't.
Well, I'm looking to harvest the plate for a custom build. I'm handwiring so it'll be fully programmable. I have 6 other boards (a few still underway) and my Ducky Shine 3 is the only board that's not fully programmable.
and besides, why should fully programmable not include a switch type. a really good one at that..?
ANSI-only ☹
For those of you who are getting the non Polestar version and can't deal with the wonky programming process, there's a QMK solution...only for the non backlit/underglow though. Check it out at https://github.com/benlyall/qmk_firmware/tree/v60_type_r/keyboards/v60_type_r
This isn't official and is neither endorsed by KBP or checked into the main QMK branch. It's made by a member of the community so....use at your own risk. I've tried it on my Polestar, and it works just fine..minus the lighting of course...but I too am just a guy on the internet lol.
Since I haven't heard an update. Is there an update?
I just got notified that mine has shipped.
Same here!
Is this the same one that just shipped a few weeks ago?
There's no good reason to trust massdrop with your money, unless you want to get scammed but also want to wait for a few months before you realize that you got scammed. Just look at what happened to the Ducky Pocket drop from April! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/ducky-pocket-rgb-mechanical-numpad/talk