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KBT ONE Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

KBT ONE Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

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Thoughtful 108 Key Layout

The ONE keyboard by KBT features a 108 key layout. This is a full keyboard layout with qwerty cluster, function row, arrow keys, delete cluster, numpad, dedicated volume control keys, and a calculator shortcut key. Most keyboards waste space above the numpad but KBT's opted to fill that space with volume controls and a dedicated calculator shortcut. In addition, this keyboard features N-Key Rollover via USB and driverless install. KBT took the conventional full size keyboard and added un-conventional features. The result? A greatly improved experience.

Quality Materials

KBT uses only the highest quality materials and components in their mechanical keyboards. The ONE features a two layer PCB to cut down on latency and increase product lifetime. This keyboard also features PBT keycaps. While ABS wears down and starts to shine, PBT plastic maintains its texture and matte color over thousands of keystrokes. Speaking of keystrokes, the Cherry MX Brown key switches in this keyboard have a lifetime of about 50 million actuations. That means you will be able to enjoy the KBT ONE over years of use.

KBT ONE Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

Superb Design

The designers at KBT put a lot of thought into their keyboards. From the mechanical switches to the two layer PCB, each detail is thought through. KBT knows different desk setups call for different cable entry points, that is why they made the ONE with a flexible cable entry system. Instead of being tied to one side, the KBT ONE lets you choose the top or either side for cable entry. Finally, KBT decided to plate mount their key switches. That means you can button mash and rage all day without fearing for your keyboard's precious PCB.

KBT ONE Full Size Mechanical Keyboard


  • 108 keys
  • Cherry MX Brown Key Switches
  • Plate Mounted Key Switches
  • 2-Layer PCB
  • N-Key Rollover
  • PBT Keycaps
  • Multi media shortcut keys
  • Flexible cable management
KBT ONE Full Size Mechanical Keyboard


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