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The KBT Pure Pro is a compact mechanical keyboard with real-time macro programming and a full arrowkey set. Available first on Massdrop. These will ship with QWERTY printed grey PBT keycaps (The grey blank keycaps with the lettering like you see on the black keycaps)


The KBT Pure Pro uses mechanical key switches made by a German company called Cherry Corp. Cherry makes a variety of switches and each of them produces a unique and enjoyable typing experience. You'll be able to choose between Cherry Red, Blue, Brown, or Black switches at checkout. [Click here for more info on the individual switch types] The KBT Pure Pro is about 40% smaller than a normal keyboard (67 keys total) without sacrificing any functionality. All the extra keys like Page Up, and the function row are accessible on a secondary function layer. Hold down the FN key and "9" becomes "F9", "I" becomes "Insert", etc.


This keyboard is fully programmable via hardware so there's no software to install, just plug it in and start building macros. Since all of the programming happens on the keyboard, you can plug it into any computer and take your custom layouts wherever you go. Here's a quick example. Say you want a button that duplicates a selected row of text. You could map the left ALT key to do Ctrl + C, .1 second delay, Ctrl + V. You'd do that by holding down the Fn key, pressing Rt Ctrl (this drops you into programming mode), then pressing ALT followed by Ctrl + C, Fn + G, Right Arrow, Space, Ctrl + V, the Pn key to finish it. Now, you can press Fn + Right Shift to put yourself into the programmed layer and every time you hit Alt, you'll copy and paste whatever material you've got selected. In addition to all the programming, there are four DIP switches on the back. The first one swaps Caps lock for Fn, the second swaps Right Control with Tilde, the third switch is a place holder, and the fourth switch locks the programmable layer.


  • Unique 67-key Layout
  • Cherry MX Switches
  • Printed Grey PBT Keycaps
  • Hardware Programmable with Macro Capability
  • USB Mini Connector
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