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I guess at this point we should consider the supposed firmware fix as vaporware?
And apparently the same goes for massdrop support.
Unfortunately, I can now also confirm that the replacement unit I received is defective. The problem is more subtle than before but still present -- typing a paragraph of text at a reasonable speed will result in missed keystrokes. Not to the ridiculous levels of the first item but still to a degree that makes the keyboard unusable in practice, especially for the intended market of a mechanical keyboard.

In view of balance, I compared the keyboard in active use for a couple of hours to another mechanical keyboard with the same switches and two cheap Logitech consumer keyboards. This keyboard /is/ defective.

It's a great shame that the manufacturer has wasted so much of everyone's time, including their own, in issuing a replacement that does not fully resolve the root cause of the first problem. As someone who works in the high-tech industry for a company that produces consumer devices, I am quite surprised that a business would go to the lengths and expenditure of replacing field models without investing the extra time and resources necessary to avoid embarrassment in the market.

In the meantime of this saga I purchased a 'Ducky One TKL' compact Cherry-MX keyboard from a regular retailer. It's a little bit more expensive in shelf price but what this drop has reminded me is that the cost of non-quality is significant.

I won't be seeking a refund as I don't want to spend any more time on this.

I think the lessons should be:

1. Massdrop do not work with this manufacturer again. Apparently, yes, it is possible to /design/ a defective keyboard. Twice(!).

2. Massdrop either only provide products for which they are sure have market readiness OR Massdrop provide a clear 'cowboy' disclaimer for products provided by amateur manufacturers.
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I have to confirm that I have the same issue with the replacement keyboard..
I have received my replacement yesterday (delivery took forever for some reason) and I can feel no improvement over the other defective version.

I am no longer confident that there will ever be a functional product.

I have not been following all posts here, but apparently it's a common problem with the other users too.

@Xik what are the steps to getting a refund for this product?
I'm unhappy to report my new keyboard is still dropping keystrokes, albeit nowhere near as badly or as frequently as the first keyboard. The spacebar appears to be the main issue. Suffice to say it's disappointing. I'll touch base with support after I finish work today.
same here. missing few keystroke when typing fast
I wanted to add a positive comment after this long, drawn-out, saga. I received my replacement keyboard yesterday and this batch seems to have resolved all of my issues. Kudos to Massdrop for sticking with this for almost a year and making it right in the end. The only constructive criticism I can make is to be more communicative with us. Don't let it go more than a couple weeks between updates. Getting regular updates would have put my mind at ease, knowing the problem was being addressed. This doesn't even need to be every week. Just once a month makes a difference! I am definitely happy with the new revision of this board. Sorry to see some aren't having the same expeience.
Same. My new KB is working great so far. The wait sucked, and although updates were slow, I received immediate responses whenever I emailed in to customer support.

Is what it is I guess, but enjoying the new KC64 so far.

I think I want my money back.
I have received a replacement keyboard, for which i had to pay 31 euros in customs for the second time, only to find that the spacebar key is not working this time, although it seems the keymisses issue has been solved correctly.

Is there any way i can get a full refund for this product and the customs i had to pay twice, because this is more that unacceptable...
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Hi Dexa, did you just go through the normal massdrop support for this? I'm in the basically the same situation as you, new board still dropping keystrokes and had to pay customs twice for this...
Hi Kroio,

I have just emailed the situation to massdrop on support@massdrop.com.
I attached a video of the space bar not working and a photo of both customs fees tickets that were stuck on the boxes,
and made a paypall account for the refund, and i had my money 2 days later, and didnt have top go through the hassle of reshipping the two broken keyboards, so now I'm having some fun randomly soldering pieces of the boards together and stuff :p

Cant really help you much otherwise :s

Good luck

i notice it hasnt been posted in here that theres been a further delay. i'll quote the relevant portion of the email from about a week ago

" We wanted to explain what's happened in the warehouse. While we did receive the keyboards, they were received incorrectly at the warehouse and now we're experiencing a SKU contamination. We didn't want to take the chance of dispatching and sending another board that won't work for you, so in this instance we will be bringing them to our head quarters for testing. Once we can confirm they're the boards with the Upgraded PCB, we'll get them sent your way as soon as possible."

how long is it going to take to sort the duds from the working boards XiK ?
We have successfully identified the contaminated skus / new replacements! Our warehouse in NJ actually sent the keyboards here for us to check 1 by 1, which took up a week or so. Remaining replacements should be going out this week. sorry bout the delay, but we wanted to make this right for everybody and not having peeps receiving bad units again... Thanks for checking in, appreciate your patience!
Any news at hand at all at this point XiK?
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woohoo! That's good news!
it's almost over :')
Still radio silence. I emailed through but have heard nothing in response.

Currently rocking a useless paperweight.
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Not quite, maybe September last year.
Yup, pretty disappointing if you ask me. I just wish we could get updates without having to take to the forums... Calling XiK, any further updates from the past 3 weeks of radio silence? In your last post you mentioned "Will loop back with NPKC again tonight for an update." Did you learn anything?