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Has anyone had an issue with the windows key not responding? Both windows keys do not respond which makes me think some setting got changed. I cannot figure it out.

I use this keyboard on OSX so technically it is my alt/option key. I've been using this keyboard for probably 6 months with no problems. The LEDs still work on the keys so it doesn't sound like a soldering issue, plus what are the chances BOTH alt keys stop working.
looks like at some point I hit ƒ+option and that disabled it. Hitting that combo again fixed it.
Anybody else having issues with support? My keyboard won't sync to any bluetooth device.
Is the bottom row supposed to have the Blue of the LED's always on?
Annnnddd it's now flickering the blue on/off. I bet there's a short somewhere.

Kind of hard to use it when LED's are flickering all the time.
There's a short in the circuit for the LED's somewhere..
Sure, the KB works fine, but the LED's don't. Effectively makes it junk unless I remove all the LED's.
Also having problem with wired connection. Windows 10 just straight doesn't see it. When I plug in a normal keyboard, Device Manager sees it and adds a "HID Keyboard Device" but when I plug the KC71 in, nothing shows up. Is there a driver or something for this thing?

I plugged it into my mac via USB and it didn't work either.

How do I get support for this thing? I downloaded the english manual but that doesn't say all that much...

Please help.... :(

(BTW, it works fine on BT with my macbook but that's not where I want to use it.)
I'm having trouble with the wired mode. When I plug it in it blinks in the rgb once or twice then it seems like the keyboard completely turns off. I don't know what's going on but neither the RGB or the actual keyboard work then it's plugged in.
received my keyboard and my intension is using it wired but when i turned it on the spacebar is always bliking green, does it mean its charging ? when the charge is full the light will turn to the color i want ?

i turned on the keyboard via bluetooth and the color was fine

id like some help :s
yes. when it blinks green, that means the keyboard is charging. once it is fully charged, the color will match the colors of the rest of the keyboard.
is anyone else having issues pairing their drevo bluetooth mechanical keyboard to their os device? I'm trying to pair it to my macbook pro but it isn't detecting the keyboard. it has no issues connecting to my iPhone and iPad but my laptop doesn't even detect it.
I don't see when you posted it, but I'll answer anyways:
It seems the Drevo doesn't connect with every bluetooth device the same way. For me, it works perfectly fine, for others with other dongles it does not.
I have. I can get it to pair - so I can type on it....(which I am doing now) However OSX Sierra (10.12.6) doesn'trecognize the keyboard: it won't show up as a bluetooth keyboard, nor will it be identified as such...trying to setup a blootooth keyboard in OSX just gives me the little spinner-thingy. Drevo has suggested installing 3rd party software for Windows (which I can't run) or using Karabiner (which won't run on Sierra). I also have a hard time believing such software will be able to switch my alt and win keys to mac-style if the keyboards isn't even recognisable as such.

The Drevo helpdesk is friendly - but seems totally clueless about Mac.

Did anyone get to remap their keys on OSX?
I received my keyboard Monday, April 3rd 2017, Chinese instructions and all. I promptly tried it on every OS i could get my hands on( Mac OS Yosemite, W10, Ubuntu 16 ). W10 and Ubuntu didnt workout so well using the bluetooth connection. Mac OS worked flawlessly with the bluetooth connection. All worked flawlessly with the wired connection. I'm happy with my purchase.
So i received my keyboard. but the instructions came in Chinese. Does anyone have a link to an english version?
I just received mine today. Everything seems to work except that I can't figure out how to put the keyboard in bluetooth mode and make the connection to my computer. RGB effects are nice. I tried the FN + Q for 3 seconds but no light is blinking etc... help anyone? Thank you!
nevermind! I just figure it out! the pairing mode did not work as long as the usb cable was plugged in the computer even though the switch was on ...
As an update to this purchase -

It's been used heavily since receiving around 6 months ago and while no more LEDs have died my left control key is on the fritz.

Upon press it toggles the caps lock function.

As it's just one key I'm not yet at the point where I want to dismantle and attempt to fix, but buyer beware etc.
This is actually a feature

FN + Left Ctrl : Switch the Ctrl and Caps key function

^From the instruction manual
Do it support SDK for rgb led programming? I want to make some light effect.