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KeBo Store Dragon Artisan Keycap

KeBo Store Dragon Artisan Keycap

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Fierce Hand-Painted Dragons in 7 Colors

Breathe life into your favorite keyboard with these colorful dragon artisans from KeBo Store. Fierce, powerful, and intimidating, these dragons are sculpted in great detail, from their sharp teeth and horns to their flowing mane. They come in seven different colors to match your go-to cap set or offset it with something new.  The black, blue, green, and red keycaps are painted and dry brushed to look like stone, while the translucent version works great with backlighting. For a truly luxurious keycap, go for the white model with a gold base—or step up to another level entirely with the 24-karat-gold-plated Oramu dragon. Each Cherry MX–compatible keycap is made from resin and painted in multiple layers for a bold effect.

Note: At checkout, choose from the following: Tsuchi, Mizu, Ka, Fu, Sora, Kessho, and Oramu (+ $30).


  • KeBo Store
  • Base material: Resin (clear and white)
  • Body paint: Acrylic metallic paint and pearl white paint
  • Finishing paint: Acrylic gold and bronze paint (Oramu model has 24-karat gold plating)
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones


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Estimated ship date is Apr 2, 2019 PT.

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