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After about a couple weeks of having these, I realize I prefer the thinksound on2's better. Mainly because of my commuting in nyc, those do better job of isolating at any volume. Im going to sell my kef m500 for $170 as I've hardly used them. If you're interested just reply and maybe we can work something out.
I had this over a year. And it's still the best on-ear choice paired with portable devices. Good looking and good sounding. Worth the price.
I received mine a week ago. They are amazing for the price, but the pads are not durable as people have stated on Amazon. I would not buy this to use as a daily driver, nor would I buy them if you want them to last more than a year or two, since the pads are outta stock more of the time.
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really? I thought the cables would be okay, that's good to know. Maybe I'll be less reserved with my use of them, I just wish the pads were just in stock. I would replace them however many times if necessary!
The cables are pretty good, but I'm pretty rough with them, and they're my daily drivers so they get a lot of use. I don't think I've ever had a headphone cable last more than 9 months of daily use; most die in 6 months or less.
For Canadian users, these are $200 on right now. Given shipping and import charges, it's cheaper.
Huh, a US based bulk buy site that caters predominantly to US buyers, go figure. I assume international shipping kills most deals from US sellers.
Not always. The HD6XX have reasonable shipping and are much cheaper even with exchange, taxes and fees compared to local Canadian prices for HD600 or HD650s.
I've had a pair of these for nearly 2 years now, and I started using them again after sending in my 2nd pair of B&W P7s for repair (right driver failed on both models for me). First of all, I think the P7 is the better pair of headphones, hands down. But the KEF M500s are easily the best pair of on-ear headphones I've ever used - they just disappear once you put them on, and there's surprisingly very little noise leakage.

The sound characteristics are where they start to lose me a bit. I like my bass, and the M500s are more tuned for midrange. Vocals are really up and front on these. The thing is, it's actually capable of very good, nuanced bass, but are constantly playing second fiddle to the midrange. With an equalizer, you can actually bring out the bass more and it does sound really nice. If you're looking for a pair of headphones that are balanced with an emphasis on vocals, look great and are lightweight, this is your pair right here. Great carrying case too.
I have owned these headphones since last year and I can't recommend them more. They are very comfortable and sound great-a little on the mellow side.They have good bass for a on-ear/fashion can. I haven't listened to many portable headphones, but I think they sound better than the HiFiMan Edition S and the Bower & Wilkins P5 which I have listened to. I use them a few times a week and they are holding up well so far.
What a wonderful pair of ‘phones.

Their signature has been well described by fellow Massdroppers - neutral/warm, detailed, pleasant, faithful. If you know and like the sound of their speakers, you’ll enjoy the M500.

But it’s the comfort I want to talk about; basically these are headphones for headache-prone people. They clamp very lightly but still manage to retain decent grip, and the sensation of the pads is akin to a gentle ear massage.

I might be overdoing slightly but seriously. Back when they were released I remember thinking they had little competition at their $300 price point. There is some now, from Final Audio, Sony and a couple others, but at $180? To put it simply you have to go all the way to $400 to start improving upon the M500.
Anyone with experience with NAD HP50 or Ultrasone performance 8-- series can compare? All three are on-ears, closed back. And they all have some kind of "acoustic chamber" design implementation. NAD is "roomfeel" and Ultrasone calls it "S-logic plus" which in theory should make them sounds like full range speakers in a room.
Where is it made?
I’ve owned these since they came out and love them.

But it the ear pads fell apart after minimal use and I had to go to the trouble of having them shipped to Australia from the US as KEF won’t do it. They are easy to replace, but add to the cost of the headphone and I never had to do it with another brand of headphone.
This really is the only downside of these headphones. Spare parts are all difficult to obtain in Australia. Headphonic seems to order them in every few months though,

I tend to be fairly rough with my headphones, so I'm onto my second set of pads, and probably my 4th or 5th replacement cable.
yup, the iPhone control buttons stopped working on my cable ages ago.

thabks for the link :)
Although I will not be joining this drop, I feel the need to share my review considering the fact that I've been an owner of these for nearly 2 years now.
First of all, they are incredibly comfy, this is the best implementation of on-ear headphones I've ever encountered. The pads are made from a very supple leather (or leatherette) and are well padded such that the only issue you encounter from prolonged use is ear sweat.
The sound is fantastic, detailed and punchy. A little bit on the warm side, but mostly neutral. The part that will take most people by surprise is how they're not voiced like headphones but rather they sound like they're full speakers. It's a truly unique listening experience and will make a lot of people happy.

Not to mention that they're the super good-looking, perhaps the most attractive "portable" or "out-of-the-house" kind of headphone. Makes me feel like an audiophile in disguise.

Hope this helped someone who's on the fence, and good luck everyone!
Thank you so much for mentioning that these are on-ear headphones. They looked like it, but I couldn't decide if they really were. I wanted them, but on-ear headphones give me migraines.
Understandable. That said, the clamping force is really quite soft and the pads are immensely plush so perhaps these might not affect you in the same way.
the ear pads look impractical, but goddamn those headphones look sweet