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Keith Titanium Ti2501 Folding Stool

Keith Titanium Ti2501 Folding Stool

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Would like to re-review the little kieth stool, has been on a few hikes now and love it ! “But” showing signs of failure with the legs starting ti bend. I weigh 85kg,will keep using it until failure and let you know . love this product , maybe kieth May beef it up a bit in future.
Who remembers Russell coight's camp chair ? lol
Too bad this stool isn't available in a model that will support 200lbs or 225lb?
I know what you mean, I saw this and wanted one, but I haven't been at 175 in 10 years. I'm about 205-210. Maybe I can find a similar design with a 250 lb limit.
I have something very similar, but aluminum. Bought them at Daiso for $1.50
This was somewhat a good laugh for me... I think the use of titanium is perhaps overrated, especially on some items. Pictured are one of four stools I purchased well over 30 years ago. The stool is made from aluminum, has the proper hardware at the pivot points, and weighs just a shade over a one pound. They can support a HEFTY 250 pounds. Made in the USA. They each cost me $3.50.


Happy New Year Everybody!!
That is a nice stool you have there, thanks for sharing,. it certainly has passed the test of time, I agree with the use of TI,,. certainly does not hurt to be made of of TI, but not sure that this stool by Keith is really getting a huge benefit from it. (cookware is a place it makes a lot of sense) . I have a small tripod stool made out of aluminum that is 12oz,.. it works well, and is fairly light (wish it was lighter). I have sat on this stool by Keith and find it a little more comfortable then my tripod stool, it's not a bad stool provided it meets your needs. Not sure if I will get it, I will save a few oz and get a more comfortable stool, but the one I have is not bad at all and 1" taller. If I don't mind going heavy on a backpacking trip I do have a chair that is a pound, hilinox chair zero. That's taking an extra pound in your pack weight just for a chair,.. but it is very nice to have and much better then a stool since you can set back in it.
This seems like the perfect spot to use titanium. Find me another chair under 11oz, regardless of price.
Too bad it is not available in mens size.
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SteveDrop.....So you double down on believing your very own comments are a "Cool story" - how progressive. Again, why do you have such disrespect for autistic children; your silence on the question says so much about you.
SteveDrop.....So now you believe quoting your comments is "that anger problem" - how progressive. Again, why do you have such disrespect for autistic children; your silence on the question says so much about you.
Something like this
would take up less room in (or on) your pack since you could wear it even while hiking. Might save your rear on a slippery downhill too.
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This seat reminds me of the Garden Claw. I wonder if you could screw the spring into the earth and have it act as an anchor.
When I Googled for that image I was thinking of a one legged milking stool of Grandpas that I sat on as a kid. It was all wood though, except for a nail or two.
I'll stick to my SlingLight, thank you. For just less than double the weight (19.2oz) I have a backrest AND headrest. It IS starting to get older, though, so If Danny could come up with something similar (to the SlingLight), there's a chance I'd be in.
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Wow, now that you mention it, that sounds correct about that 18+4=22oz part as I haven't weighed this chair in years and may have gotten some figures mixed up in my head over the years. No telling where I got the 19.2oz that I've been quoting for years, but even at 22oz, that only makes it a little more than double the weight and that's 11.5oz I'm more than willing to carry for full back and neck support. Now, I'm going to have to go weigh that chair. : ) Been meaning to do that for some time, now, but just haven't had a good enough reason, I guess.
Yep, the slinglight is not the lightest chair by today's standard with a chair now at 1lb. , but it was way ahead of it's time and for that extra weight you get a headrest,. still might be the only lightweight camping chair that does that. I'm surprised they stopped making it,. I'm sure it's not a very big market, but they did not have many competing with them, it's a well thought out chair.
What a joke!
Cant......stop......LAUGHING!!!! 😂
So happy this is hypoallergenic
Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out the "eco-friendly" part too.
Any local surplus store sells steel chairs like this - heavier, sure but if they can’t support your weight they will bend and you’ll be out $10.
There are are very good tripod chairs out there that are lighter and will support men.
I'm 200 pounds. If I buy 2, can I sit down?
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Yeah one for each cheek!
It's 2.2 lbs, not sure how that is light. OK for car camping
Weeehooo!! At 135 pounds this will support me!!
So, is the listed weight include or not include the stuff sack?
I'm a large build 6'2" guy. I was 180 ten years ago in high school. It would be unhealthy for me to get down to 175 now.
I'd be all over something this weight that supported actual loads. This chair is good for me sure, but the chair is for mutual benefit of the entire backpacking group...some of whom aren't sticks.
$12, up to 225 lbs. Only drawback is higher weight, but still light. Check out the Woodsman II, same design with backrest. :)
A chair for women and skinny guys.
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And now you know how women feel about all the supposedly "unisex" products out there ;-)