Keith Titanium Ti5378 Fresher Bowl Silicone Setsearch

Keith Titanium Ti5378 Fresher Bowl Silicone Set

Keith Titanium Ti5378 Fresher Bowl Silicone Set

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These kits always remind me of the same thing...


I’m thinking of using one of these as combo food/water bowls (with dry food carrying capability) for my service dog when we’re out and about. Does anyone know if the ‘lid’ slides on a smooth surface when inverted and used as a ‘bowl’ as shown in figure 5 of 10? - or does the silicone extend out enough to prevent it from sliding? Not a big deal - assuming the bowl will slide anyway. Tia.
The lids would certainly slide if used as bowls on a smooth surface.
I bought these because of the fun colors and the hope to use them on backpacking trips; what uses do you guys have planned for them?
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Yeah, I do that too sometimes; I buy something without a clear use. Usually the item ends up being helpful -- sometimes in ways I could not have predicted. Worst case, you end up not needing these, you should be able to sell them for a similar amount to what you paid, due to the discount :-)
I've never heard of bee's wraps -- going to Google that!
The bee's wraps are amazing and are so versatile! They can be used so many different ways for food storage.
Mesh bag as indicated in print, or insulating neoprene bag as shown in pics?
Did you find out the answer?
At only 4.9" in diameter, these are too small for my needs. Were they 7" in diameter, I would have purchased two sets by now! Love the idea of being able to seal up the other half of a 2-person trail meal in this, so I can warm it and use it for another meal later on. Can't tell you how many times I've had to bury 1/2 or 1/3 of a 2 person meal because I didn't want to eat all of it at the time. This would help cut down on waste.....
3 Water-Resistant Bowls
yea i need some water resistant bowls because those i have at home are not
It is clearly referring to the lids