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Why there is a warning: Cancer and reproductive harm? Shouldn't touch the cord too much? :D
It’s a California thing, the same label is on, like, everything there, including entire buildings.
If you're still alive, I'd be careful if you burn the ends of the cord after cutting it.
The product is already available for the same price at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Bummer.
$10 = 50'
$12 = 100'
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You're a good man. Thank you.
msjordan what he said! I cant believe I was buying paracord before for $10 to get 50' and not even reflective! ;)
If you need something to guide you fifty feet to your camp, maybe you shouldn't be camping.
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phew! I gotta be honest, people can write some pretty dumb things on the forums. And I had to laugh when I imaged someone tying a guyline to their tent and then walking into the woods, holding onto the cord to find the trail, like hansel and gretel dropping bread crumbs. Had a good chuckle, thanks!
Its not about guiding you to camp, its about another hiker waking up to take a leak and tripping over my lines collapsing my tent. And by other hiker I mean myself :)
What's the breaking strain on this? Dyneema is pretty tough stuff. Just curious if you could make better use of it than marking if it came down to it.
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188lbs, which is plenty and on par with most other guylines. This is quoted on some sites but was confirmed to me by Kelty when I asked. It's pretty good cord. I like the Lawson better myself but this isn't bad at all.
The particular cord I mentioned is supposed to be comparable to zing-it, if you are familiar with that, so much stronger than regular cord for tie outs. It could almost be too much (same for 188lbs) if someone were to trip over it - you would rather the cord break than the tent or tarp tear, although the stake will most likely pull out first.
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Where is this made, China? I too way prefer the stuff from Lawson. I was disappointed on how fast the sheath wears on the Triptease. Lawson's 2mm is $13.50 shipped.
Tempted to buy this just for the name...
Is this a spliceable line..hollow core?