Fischer Audio FA-011AE & Oldskool 33 1/3 Headphonessearch

Fischer Audio FA-011AE & Oldskool 33 1/3 Headphones

Fischer Audio FA-011AE & Oldskool 33 1/3 Headphones

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I wasn't sure if I liked these at first, but then I finally bought some balanced cables for the FA-011s

I have a JDS labs OLDAC connected to an Aune x7s.

I genuinely feel like I can hear the empty spaces between each instrument now.

They are extremely good.
How long is the warranty on these? It mentions a special extended warranty on their website but I cant find the actual length.
I emailed Fischer Directly and they told me 2 years, so 2 year warranty on the FA-011 AE, for anyone else who is wondering. They also said they sold replacement earpads for it, so that is good to know for the future.
Another nonsense headphones from exotic company! Better than DT 1990 Pro, are you kidding me? One must be listening some super trash metal when it actually does not matter what phones are on your head! Gals and guys do yourself a favor, listen them first, do not believe all the "beautiful" chat, especially when people actually bought them, I should live much longer to hear someone saying: "you know what, I bought a trash."
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Since when had Fisher audio been an exotic brand?

Not really arguing your point, but thought that was funny. Lol
Exotic: of foreign origin or character; not native; introduced from abroad, but not fully naturalized or acclimatized; strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance; of a uniquely new or experimental nature, also pretentious
I have just received my Oldskool today. It sounds really good, but the headband is sooooooo short! I have it on max and it barely fit on my head :(.
Fellas and gals - just a heads up that I had my FA-011AE broken in for awhile now and this is still my personal favorite. I had the Beats Pro (Blehhhhhhh -- great for the bass awhile), Master & Dynamics MH40, and recently the Beyersdynamics DT 1990 Pro, and I have to say the FA-011AE is my favorite still.

It's not the best built in terms of quality, the Beyers and M&D are better, but the soundstage is raw and wide and the unapologetic rawness (rustic) of the sound is bliss. Russians built these??!? Go figures. Versatility comes to my mind and something to throw any music at. This can has it's own personality.

Beyers may be better at reproduction, superbly German--no puns, the Beats for the head bangers, the M&D is demure compare to Beyers and FA in terms of personality.

If the cliches goes like 'sound of the cans is a personal preference' -- the FA-011AE has plenty to throw at you.
ha! i just bought a set of these from mayflower electronics, and now they show up here again. figures.

ahh well. at least i've got a set of 'em.
Anyone who might have bought from an earlier drop care to give a review. Are the pads able to be changed
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Yes you are able to changed the pads. Get thicker pad with ZMF
I changed them to the hm5 sheepskin, have to cut out the foam of the sheepskin tho, otherwise its veils the highs.. alot, lol
Does this Massdrop Oldskool has the logo engraved on the cups (like the normal version in Fischer Audio website)? Or just plain, naked wood like shown in the photos?
Looks like drop was cancelled by Massdrop. Not sure why
As far as I have understood, the drop has been canceled because of small mistakes on the web page. Tomorrow the drop has to be started anew.
Vazek is correct. We apologize for the issues on our end. You can anticipate seeing the product listed on the site again soon.
they end this drop so fast?
Did they sell out?
кому это уродство надо по такой цене
it says these would work with a portable setup even tho the open back are of a higher impedance. Does anyone know if these would pair well with my Bottlehead Crack w/SB amp? I typically only use my HD600 with it but would love to have a couple cans to use with....
The description today specifically cites the 33 1/3 Old Skool as the "high impedance but easily powered". I'm not sure what the previous text was but that model IS closed and based on the sensitivity would be easy to drive despite it's impedance.