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Kennerton Odin Sapele Headphones

Kennerton Odin Sapele Headphones

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Is there a available balanced XLR cable for these??
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Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I just figured if this product at this price point is targeted towards a small specific crowd, the product should of included balanced XLR. Someone in the market of buying a product this degree of engineering would expect the cables to be of equal performance or above. Most audiophilest would agree that a balanced XLR is superior in performance than a TRS connector for this spefic application. Balanced XLR exist for a reason.
No problem. I have the same feelings and XLR for me personally is a must for this headphones, even they can be driven very easily. I remember I saw somewhere XLR cables for all Kennerton products only as option. It should be their standard accessory, exactly because is the best solution to overcame their sonic flaws. From an engineering point of view though, Odins are quite simple construction and even Kennerton itself admits, that this technology didn't progress much for the last 30 years. I personally consider them as more traditional planar magnetics headphones in both sound and approach. Build for longetivity and tonal richness, not technical superiority. Their design is for me more simplified than for example Audeze LCD with their fluxor magnets and few other acoustic patents.
No balanced cable for $1800? At least it used Audeze connectors.
I can confirm they can run from any stock/custom Audeze cable just fine. Although Odin's stock cable is a mixed bag: very stiff and not very ergonomic, but it sounds better than Audeze stock cable (at least their 4-string tape). 8-core hybrid silver-copper balanced cable can be very satisfactory with Odins.
Ill be in for a pair in a few months massdrop. Kind of wished thhere was more warning for the extra expensive headphones.
If only I had a spare 1800 dollars right now. These headphones look sick, and from what I've heard, the sound is just as good.
Indeed, the sound is interesting, although there are clearly areas where it can be improved.
Here is raw frequency response chart:
Very addictive headphones; I own two!

Better than my LCD3F.

Some links and reviews on the Odin to read:
Great Video, well, I'm more interested in to build it by myself, how about 800$ for the material pack, that looks easy... Alright seriously, how's that compare to LCD4 (which just had a B-stock sale in Audio46 ) and Hifiman HE1000 V2(which is the same price level with this model in Ebony)?
In my opinion LCD-4 are better. Odin is a class of LCD-2 pre-2016. Don't know how they perform against HEK V2.
Sorry for asking but would it be possible to switch to Bog Oak wood after I joined the drop ? or will you do this wood on next drop ?
Drop it to $1500 and I would probably buy a pair.
Looks good. No idea how it sounds. 1800? I'll pass.
There are few reviews out there you can check, even mine on with some help from Google Translate. Long story short: similar to older LCD-2F from before 2016. Reasonably warm, mostly focused on midrange and mid-high bass. Slightly loose on both ends. Soundstage is only "default" and you are forced to play with them via XLR cables and brighter systems in order to bring holography and soundstage size into levels more suited for their price range.
Nice video. How much if you just send me all the pieces and I do the assembly work instead?
So expensive and so sad. I think this drop might fail... $1800 is just too much for such an unfamiliar company’s product with the existence of Audeze and Hifiman
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At this price point are they better then Stax for audio quality?
If you are talking about class, clarity, speed and holography - no. Odins can play at the level of L300. They are more about tonality: tone, timbre, weight and saturation of the sound, rather than technical aspects and sound perfection. I would say Odins are classical approach within planar magnetic sound house. Traditional dynamic drivers is a very different cup of tea than Odins, or at least my HD800 can say so.
mechanically disassemble headphones like ak47... wet dreams...