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No more large tortoiseshell :(
Bit of dumb question here, but I'm still relatively new to prescription eyeglasses, and have only ordered prescription sunglasses from WP so far. How would I go about replacing the lenses that come in these with prescription equivalents? Would that be prohibitively expensive? (I don't know what portion of the MSRP is going to lens cost vs. frame).
Just take the sunglasses to your local optometrist and they'll have a machine to fit prescription lenses into them. It should be reasonably priced, $30-50 I've heard. Please report back if you find out how much it costs.
Description says that it will ship August 16th; is there anyway I can push the ship date back as I am moving around that time and do not know my new shipping address?
Based on my understanding of how Massdrop generates the shipping labels, I don't think it's possible. We'd love to do it, but it's out of our hands.
Sure. Send them to me. :)
Are the frames able to accept prescription, progressive lenses?
According to the specs on their website, yes:
I got a pair the last go round. I have a wide face so got the larger size. The fit and finish is very nice on these. Unfortunately, these are very uncomfortable for me. These pinch the heck out of my nose and just make it too uncomfortable to wear. I have the KW Flemings as well and they are more comfortable on me, although a little tight around the temples. I think My bridge is just too high for the Keyhole design. I gave them to my wife and she seems to like them though.
Sorry to hear that. In our experience, the keyhole design fits almost everyone.

I'm glad that your wife is happy with these. If you like, or if anyone else is reading this, we can exchange for another pair of sunglasses. We currently have 3 different styles/shapes. Massdrop says final sale, but we're happy to exchange. Unfortunately we can't refund as that would have to go through Massdrop. Just email us at
Great design, quality, and fitment
For this price, you will not be disappointed
Do these come in any bigger sizes for those of us with wider faces?
50 mm fits fairly wide faces. It works well for my friend that's 6'3" tall and average face for that height.
I got some clear ones last year. I'm impressed with the build quality and refinement level in the design. The logo is on top of the frame, etched shallowly into the material. Barely visible. Ladies like the glasses and always ask to try them on/borrow them. They are stylish and comfortably lightweight, and so far, quite durable. They still look new. They do not come with a case.
No red horn available. For that reason, I'm out.
The glasses arrived crooked and they are very wide around the ears. Upon contacting Massdrop support, apparently they can't help me as its over 30 days. They would like me to contact the manufacturer...

Can I get some help here.
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Howdy! I believe we're already corresponding over email--hopefully we can get a replacement in your hands as soon as possible. :)
Yes, I will be sending out the requested photos soon. Thanks
Received these yesterday and they're awesome... just incorrect. That being said, the right arm of the sunglasses does not snap back like the other. For example, if I move one arm 45-degrees, it snaps back to the open position. The other arm does not. It almost feels mushy, like the spring isn't working.
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I haven't got any reply from you guys yet.
Hi there! I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you--I just sent you an email and hopefully we can get you the items you ordered as soon as possible. :)