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Kershaw Link BlackWash Drop-Point or Tanto Blade

Kershaw Link BlackWash Drop-Point or Tanto Blade

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It's easy to knock these knives when compared to significantly more expensive knives. But for the price, they're better than just the "you get what you for" variety. And,no, they wouldn't personally be my choice. Still, they're pretty handy for a few bucks as a backup up knife to spare your better knives from sitting around in the glove compartment of your vehicle. And you can pick up the tanto point version of this one from eBay for $28.99 sparing yourself the customary shipping cost and tax.
I can have this delivered today for $36 from Amazon, pass.
Enough Kershaw already... it's a cheap brand. And not a good price. Shopping for some of my knives elsewhere, I agree, prices are not as good as they used to be. Many of the MD knives can be had by going directly to the maker.
Always shop around before spending your money...unless money is no object to you. I always search items on here on different sites before committing to a drop. It really is only a few keystrokes to check the price of an item elsewhere (Amazon). Massdrop started off well as a place for deals, then whomever is in charge decided to be greedy and ignore the consumers who made Massdrop what it is today. I believe that, it's going to end up biting them in ass...a.k.a. profits.
still nothing from massdrop on what they are gonna do about this screw up?
I got mine today, and it has a serrated edge at the base (Drop-Point blade) instead of a completely straight one. Did this happen to anyone else?
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emailed them and they want a bunch of photos of things like the package and paperwork, sent them one of the knife. bullshit because who keeps that stuff? not about to dig through the garbage.
I just received a new knife from them no serration. So thank you massdrop for helping clear all this up and thanks to those that also followed up on this.
PLEASE NOTE - the last time this pair was up - A LOT OF US who ordered the Drop-Point blade received the Tanto - at the time I was Okay with this, but after living with the Tanto for a year - I HATE IT and wish the hell I would have forced the replacement issue and not cave to Massdrop telling me I will get a $10 credit on my next order. (This credit by the way - was never issued)
Buyer beware!
What do you not like about the tanto version that would make the drop point preferable?
I tend to be a tip user in a rolling motion towards me - so having a straight edge at the tip I can not get a rolling slice - the knife it self is well made and all the good things you'd look for in a knife - it's the bade profile that does not work for my daily carry.
Because 72 were purchased so far...
I'm seriously getting annoyed at all the drops that ship to the US only on Massdrop lately. The Blades and Hobby Shop communities are loosing my interest fast with this practice.
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It might have changed to that, I'm not certain.
They usually ship to other countries. If your country isn't listed, just contact the support, they might have news for you. It worked out for me ;)
$35-37 on Amazon with Prime.
No but Thank you. Massdrop Canceled the drop and now increased the price to be even more expensive than amazon!
This is ridiculous!
Why is this $17 more than the previous drop for this product that was cancelled on everyone?
as awk stated i purchased a different knife for my son its not a kershaw and that is what he collects but i think he will like it.It's a bestech BG01 lion D2/G-10 massdrop debut and on check out massdrop gave me a 5.00 dollar discount. with an apology for canceling my kershaw so thanks massdrop good looking out
well i see mine was cancelled this weekend also this was going to be a x-mas present for my son and i also only found out because of looking at my banking statement massdrop did not even email me or let me know they canceled it. Thanks massdrop What happened ?
same here
Mine was cancelled and I only found out about it because I joined another drop and saw a $5 "we're sorry" coupon. After asking customer support what they were sorry about, they explained that I should've gotten the following email:
--------------- It has been brought to our attention that the item you ordered has been backordered by the vendor, and we do not know when more inventory will become available. We value your time, so rather than keep you waiting, we had to cancel your order and issue a full refund to your original payment method. You can expect to see the funds back in your account within the next 2-3 business days.
We sincerely apologize for this situation and as a token of our apologies, a $5.00 coupon has been added to your member account. This coupon will be applied to the next drop you join and will appear as a discount in the checkout page. It expires one year from today. Please note that the full amount must be used all at once and any remaining balances will not carry over.
If you would like to be notified when another drop for this product becomes active, please click the "Request" button on the drop page. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us! ---------------
I did not receive this email. I'm surprised a vendor would have trouble getting hold of it in quantity. I'm also surprised that the drop would be cancelled so quickly without at least waiting a few weeks, like they do with other drops.
I already have one in a different finish so I can wait until it shows up here again. I wish MD would automatically add people to the request list when this happens or otherwise make it easier to buy it the next time.
Mine was also cancelled with no explanation. What happened? I was really looking forward to this.
Does anyone know why this was cancelled? Did anyone actually receive their item?
Mine was just refunded as well. Wish they would at least explain somewhere when they do that.
Any news as to why this was cancelled MD?
I placed an order when the Drop began. My funds were just returned without an explanation.
Don’t feel bad people for missing the drop, appears they are now cancelling peoples orders. Mine got cancelled today with no explanation.
@LukasM my transaction was refunded with no notes/explanation - what happened?
Massdrop, why did you close this early? Super disappointed. No more business from me.
They probably ran out of inventory. The previous one capped out at 500 and ended early too.
Anyone regretting their purchase? I'll take it off your hands. I meant to purchase but went back this morning and it had ended :(
Same! I thought it still had two days left.
I'm in, so excited!
So, how does this knife compare to the Rat-1? They are about the same price... I am looking for a modest folder for my son. Thanks.
I wouldn't call either of them particularly modest. I think the Link is a little beafier, and the Rat 1 is a little more slender. The Rat 1 is slightly longer. Both are fantastic knives. For my money, I would go Link, every time. I like the aluminum scales better than the nylon scales on the Rat. I also like the ergonomics of the Link better than the Rat. I think the AUS-8 steel on the Rat is the only strength it has over the Link.
But, that is just the opinion of some nerd on the internet.
I can't tell, is the handle black or is this the grey version?
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Part of it might be tarnishing on mine, which makes it look darker. For example on the first picture you can clearly see a lighter middle portion of the blade, compared to the top, where my fingers have been to close it, and the bottom, where I cut a peach. The middle is the original color.
It's holding up pretty well on my Launch 1, and I beat the crap outta it daily.
Good Drop. I'm in. These better not be blems. I noticed the Drop Point version in the photo has a "T" in the model number printed on the blade, which should not be there.
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Yes. I know, but why does the photo of the Drop Point version have the Tanto version stamp on it? PhotoShop mistake, perhaps.
I am on mobile, so I can only see that detail clearly on the pic of the tanto. I assume are referring to the pic with the two blades side by side?
I have a Link, one of the s35vn variants. It's an exceptional knife, the build quality of the Aluminum ones are fine for $90; for $25 it is flat out crazy good. For $25 you get an American made folder with a very useful design, build quality of a $100ish knife, a good warranty, and 420ch is not even a bad steel at this price point. I can't think of a better EDC knife in the same price range.
Here are some pictures of mine. I carry it pretty often, it stands up to all of the other knives in my rotation, even ones that are significantly more expensive.


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I would not call it my "main" one, the first week or two I carried it straight, now it's just part of the rotation. I know what you mean about the liner locks being hard some times with gloves. I find some of the more beefy frame locks, my ZT 0562cf in particular, do pretty well. My all time heavy duty go to folders though are Cold Steel Tri-adds, I have no problem using my Code 4 with welding gloves even.
At the moment though I'm on a small fixed blade kind of mood, rotating between a Kershaw Fixed Skyline, CRKT Bowie Minimalist, and Gavko EDC.
Folding skyline was my main for years. First knife I recommend to newbies.
I have been eyeing that Folts minimalist, the handle just looks like it would feel funky.
Does this have the american flag on them like the last drop did?
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This is the aluminum one but there's no American flag in these pictures.
Something is not right with these pictures. I was in on the last Kershaw Link drop and it has the American flag. I looked back at those images and they did not show the flag either. They also showed both blade grinds with the same model number (1776TGRYSW). I think they used stock pictures made with doctored images of prototypes. Basically, they reused the same photos for this drop.