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Kershaw Emerson CQC-1K Frame-Lock Knife

Kershaw Emerson CQC-1K Frame-Lock Knife

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What an absolute piece of crap. The bevels on each side of the knife are cut at different angles. One was 22 degrees, the other side was 26 degrees. I can reprofile the edge, but that shouldn't be necessary on a new blade.
Do both sides of the handle have G10 or is only one side covered in G10?
Is it just me or does one of the screws in the clip look to have been chewed up a bit ?
Ugh. mine finally came from the last drop (Fedex is super slow getting stuff to Puerto Rico) and tried to switch the clip over to left handed only to find that the holes for this purpose are too big for the screws and aren’t even threaded. WTF? Description says for right or left carry and there are holes in the right place. Super disappointed.
JK I'm an idiot. There was a longer pair of screws at the very bottom of the box (would have completely missed them if someone on a forum hadn't mentioned them) that get past the unthreaded scale. In case this comes up for any other lefties on the drop. All of the screws are super soft, so not looking forward to future maintenance.
I wish they'd get rid of the skull logo on the clip and made it narrow and deep carry, like the Ferrum Forge Gent.
Cheaper at SMKW & bladehq, and those were just the first 2 places I looked.
Also cheaper on Amazon with prime 2 day shipping
(and no, not "in reaction to this drop", according to camelcamelcamel it's been under $25 there for ages)

Another knife that didn't even make sense to set up a drop for. No one can possible make out on any side on these low cost items with no significant discount, just a waste of time and effort all around... Mind boggling
Does anybody know if the *thumb disk thingy* is removable? looks like there is a screw on it that attaches it to the blade but i am not sure.
Because if you could remove it, it would not count as a one handed opening knife anymore i think and i could legally carry it over here in germany (owning is legal either way).
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If you're serious about self defence, a knife is a horrible choice from what I've heard unless you're properly trained. More likely to drop it, cut yourself or get it taken off you in a fight then inflict serious damage. Go for a police baton or a heavy duty flashlight as a bat for home defence.
Deciding to carry anything for self defence is illegal, if it's used you'll be charged as you know.
I do know, and a knife is all i got. and its concealable. i know the risk and laws. Im willing to take the risk to have one on me, i dont go around nonchalantly flipping it out and using it in public. its there if i need it for edc or otherwise. Sure if i got engaged in a bad situation i could run but what happens if there is someone you want to protect? Is it illegal? yea but im willing to take the chance, Im responsible and i know what could happen. and if i do use it in SD it would only be in a dire circumstance.

sorry if my grammar is bad its 4 am and ive been up all night.
But i do know the consequences of carrying a knife. and the legality's of it. I've trained in blocking knives and how to use them effectively. look up krav maga and practise it yourself i would recommend it.
I was wanting to know the differences between the 1k and the other knives in this series. Found this page and thought someone else might find it helpful as well:
It came today and i live in Sweden, cute little thing that is very sharp!!
Got my knives today and I was shocked how small they were. I should have read the description closely. Anyways, they come sharp but not razor sharp, but still decent sharp. My gripe is that one is painfully hard to open, I can't flick it open. A flick makes it go maybe an inch. Manually opening with one finger is honestly tiring and frustrating. I tried to loosen the pivot but it just spins the other end which is smooth. What to do?

The second one flicks open just fine, but if I manually open with one finger it's lock up is questionable. I've been able to "force" it closed 2 out of 5 times manually after opening it slowly. I'm concerned because it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in use. What to do?
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Adjust the pivot screw. Lube the pivot.
It should be essential for EDC products to actually feature product images that provide a sense of scale. Either an actual ruler, or an object like the average credit card or sharpie.

Here's how I'd make sense of it:
(My sharpie measures 137mm but I rounded it down to 135 for simplicity)

Why does it ship at the end of October and not sooner?
Idk but it’s taking forever.
Wow this is a great knife for the price. Already hit my knife quota for the year though..
is this self imposed or is there a significant other involved? lol