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Kershaw Emerson CQC-4KXL Folding Knife

Kershaw Emerson CQC-4KXL Folding Knife

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I have a few of the Kershaw Emerson CQC series, including this one. The wave feature functions fine and does the thumb disc. The washers are nylon/plastic, but they work fine. Upgrades to the washers have not helped when I tried phosphor bronze. Also, the screws are extremely soft and prone to damage. Personally, I find the Emerson wave is better going forward, as it deploys more reliably and there is no need to adjust my grip after deploying the blade. Look at all the demos on YouTube, and you will see how most start our holding just the base of the knife when waved to the rear. The blade steel is more than adequate for most usage and, if this sort of knife appeals to you, this one will serve you well.
I have this knife that I bought when it was somehow put on sale at around $20. One of my favorite knives, is a great knife to just throw in a bag in case you need something reliable. Is relatively easy to sharpen and keeps its edge pretty well. Overall a decent knife at a great price.
Too bad it is not made in the USA with better steel.
I would jump on this, but it feels like MD doesn't really want to sell it. YouTube video doesn't work, missing specs, and link doesn't work.
So we got half a sales page with no specs. The blade is up on Amazon right now for $5 more than the lowest this will go on MD.

What I've been able to find:
- 8Cr14MoV Blade Steel
- Plastic/Teflon Washers
- G10 on the show side, Stainless steel on the back side
- Steel liner on the G10 side
- Framelock
- 3.875 inch blade
- 5.125 inch handle
- 0.46 inch handle thickness
- 0.12 inch blade stock thickness
- Spear-point blade shape
- Hollow Grind
- Standard Emerson Wave deployment mechanism
- Plastic thumb-disk
- Flathead pivot
- Philips handle screws
- Ambidextrous, Tip-up only
- Combination Stonewash and Satin finish (grind stonewash, flats satin)

All of these specs were harvested from a review on youtube from 2015 along with Q&A responses on Amazon.
Thanks for these details! These specifications really should be included in any similar product description from Massdrop.
So I only recently discovered that 8Cr14MoV is roughly equivalent to AUS-8 (just China vs. Japan). Can anyone chime in who has compared the two in daily use? I know that heat treatment and geometry also play a role, but impressions are fine.
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Yea, I got it off the snap-on truck for 20$ at the shop I work for... when the driver showed me how it opened I was hooked
I honestly like the wave opener, but I'm not a fan of much else from Emerson's designs. That being said, Spyderco uses the wave on some of their designs (most notably the Delica).
This product page is unfinished? Video won't play, not properly listed specs, a "click here" link with no link...
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