Kershaw Ion Dagger Throwing Knives (Set of 3)search

Kershaw Ion Dagger Throwing Knives (Set of 3)

Kershaw Ion Dagger Throwing Knives (Set of 3)

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The 80's ninja movies called, they want their throwing knives back.
The pommel ring is also in the way, I find such rings often ruins my release. Checkthe Cold Steel throwing knives, especially the Jack Dagger ones. They are far better.
Will I be able to finally assassinate the shogun with these? The shadow clan shall rule this land.
this is just "mall ninja" shit. these are modeled after a kunai that the ninja used but didn't throw. originally gardening tools ninja used them to dig holes into walls and the ground along with close combat, not long distance throwing. i mean it COULD be thrown, but it really probably shouldn't
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I guess ill save the 20 bucks
This site needs a mall ninja category for those hobbit-strength grappling hooks, tactical trowels, titanium earwax scoops, exotic (as in made in the people's republic) kitchen utensils, and soy-based ersatz dairy products.
Not proper throwing knives. Too light (dangerous for throwing knives), and the sides are sharpened. Competition throwing knives do not have edges, the only have points. I think these are just 'for fun' throwing knives.
These are poorly made even from a reputable brand like Kershaw.

I had these back in 2015 and all three broke at the handle after a few throws. The paracord actually came off during the first throw - and no, it wasn't mishandled as much as they said it was.

I'd used to have the Perfect Point PP-028-3BK throwing knife. Great for beginners. The SOG F041TN is a versatile one which is also highly recommended based on that I've used it on hikes and out wilderness camping
Seems decent for $20... 4.5oz seems too light for a 9in throwing knife though.
I don't own these, and I'm not really a big knife person; but it's a set of throwing knives by a quality company for $20. It's really a no-brainer.
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You seem to know better, so fair enough. Any you recommend for a starter?
Woops, replied in the general section instead of here. Check it out though.
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