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Just arrived, quick shipping to Aus, was surprised.
Really nice blade, especially the Matte black side. The brushed metal look attracts grime pretty easily but finish on the blade is great.
Will sharpen it up later but really impressed with it so far.
This was my first Knife purchase off Massdrop.
Attractive and nicely shaped blade, but I hate the horrible little tip-up clip. Totally prefer the operation and feel of the Buck 818cfs It is based on.
very nice knife that's perfect for me when i go fishing, but shipping kills it.
I own it. I use it mostly to tear down boxes and cut pieces of plastic wrap so no crazy jobs for the blade but not impressed with the sharpness, or more like lack there of.
Nearly all pocket knives you buy will not come very sharp. There are exceptions, but generally anything under $30 is going to dissapoint with out of the box sharpness.

The steel here and how Kershaw treats it will let even a novice put a scary edge on this knife in less than 20 minutes.
i appreciate the reply and will take your word, i do have wet stones for cooking knives so sounds like i wont have a problem making it sharp :)
Newbie here, but why is this a drop? It is $18.95 on amazon right now.
Not all drops are that great of deals, especially for the US market. It is my understanding, though, that European buyers could see a significant discount.
I agree that I love this blade shape and the weight but that handle is not terribly comfortable.

My current favorite (may not be a popular choice) is the Spyderco Positron. Similar blade shape, a bit larger all around, super light weight and great ergos (for me that is).
I agree that the southard designed spyderco's are amazing, but bro, you are comparing a high end spyderco to a 19 dollar kershaw.
Hahah you're right.
My fav kershaws in the same-ish range are the Leek and the CQC-6
Hard to beat the Leek price for performance.
I was actually surprised at how small this knife is when mine arrived. In use, I find it a bit too small to hold comfortably. Would luv for kershaw to make a larger 2.5in version of this design!! Mine has a bit of lock engagement issue as well, and I need to give it an extra nudge for full lockup
Really like the blade shape, but not a fan of the handle design.
I was going to get this before but read in a review that the Buck 818 is a better knife (they are very similar, though I like the look of this one better). Does anyone have input on this? Thank you, and happy new year, all!
I have the Buck and prefer the Kershaw, mostly based on blade geometry and ergonomics. I think the lock-up on my Kershaw is more positive although neither of these knives is suitable for heavy use. Blade steel is the same although based on what I've experienced so far I'd say the Kershaw's edge retention is slightly better. Again, for what you're paying-regardless of source-not sure there's a lot of difference. Really comes down to personal preference.
This is an interesting knife and I saw that as a compliment. The angles, surface variation and design are very different and...interesting. the blade is centered perfectly. Not sure why a previous poster complained about the lock-up. Mine is VERY firm and requires a conscious effort to depress the liner lock sufficient to release the blade.

The pocket clip is very small and tight. If there was one element to this knife that I'd consider non-functional, that would be it. The blade design is kind of a morphed combination of drop point and tanto. Interesting and functional. The blade arrived sharp and will be easily sharpened. That's one of the reasons I don't buy D2 bladed knives The carabiner works as a bottle opener.

For what I paid not a bad deal.
$20 and free shipping through Amazon Prime is a frame lock that without all the things make frame lock great....
the whole frame lock strength is from that when you hold the knife, your finger will make the lock tighter and harder to disengage.
also... Cheaper to buy it from my local is only 30 shipping, no waiting. it is 28 USD here in massdrop with shipping and I have to wait...
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I live in AB, I go to cutting edge co. locally, They have it for 35 CAD and they have a sale coming, it may below 35 by then...anyhow...I don't really think I will get it anyway...not my type of knife. not a bad knife though
you don't need to pay 13% taxes if you don't live in BC...the 13 CAD shipping is out rages...that is why I go to my local store...I would go to W&W if I live in BC...My local store cutting edge cutlery is owned by a nice guy. he always find good deal for me...I buy knives from him when ever I can. if the price different is less than 10 CAD, I buy it for him.
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