Kershaw Shuffle Blue Folding Knife (2-Pack)search

Kershaw Shuffle Blue Folding Knife (2-Pack)

Kershaw Shuffle Blue Folding Knife (2-Pack)

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

That's one way to do it, start another drop before people have received theirs from the previous one
I'm in Australia & received mine from the last drop over 2 weeks ago. It's 100% an issue with your local postal service unless Massdrop hasn't sent you the dispatch notice yet. It's not uncommon for knives to take a while to clear customs for some countries.
Tell you what, it just updated today that it's arrived in my country, before that it was stuck at "Processed at export facility" Thanks though!
I still have not got my knives. its been quite awhile
Finally received them. stuck in customs
Got mine in France pretty fast ! Look nice, feels good. A tad short but it'll do well I expect.
Mine appear to have been stuck in Delaware for the past 15 days
Nice shade of blue, wish it was on another model.
Dear Massdrop, please allow shipping to Poland. It's legal out here, really. I'm suprised you are shipping to UK, where are many restrictions in carrying pocket knives.
Save a life, turn in your knife!

Tape them end to end and hot damn.
"Note: Due to the sensitive nature of shipping knives internationally, we have to be twice as careful on this drop..."
I got one of these on the last drop. Easily the worst knife I’ve ever used.
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One for practice, one for keeps!
You’d be better off with a retractable box cutter...
I got this in a drop a while back, in black. They have held up remarkably well as part of my (mostly)EDC. Would recommend.
Two knives for the price of one?!!

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Please--there are children watching!
Oops! My bad.
Are these knives packaged together or separately? There is no photograph of their packaging/boxes and if they come in the same packaging it would make them hard to gift separately. (If y’all didn’t know, these make great inexpensive gifts to get your friends addicted to knives.)
Mine came in separate packaging for each knife in 1 box. Def easy to gift. Seems to be a great little knife. With a solid weight to it.
I have already gifted 5, just looking for more at a great price. Thanks for the info!
Here is a little knife that I really like. I don't think that I have it in blue, so I will get these. What a great price.
I absolutely love the Kershaw Shuffle. It's the perfect lil knife. Feels great, is fairly thin, has a bottle opener and small pry tool. Just great. Some complain about the stiffness, well there's a screw to adjust this. It's generally the first thing I do with new knives anyway.
Hey Massdrop, I haven't got mine yet... SwitchKill
Got mine today... Weren't these supposed to be blue? My invoice even says blue stone. Kinda disappointed if I'm honest.
Can't wait! One for me and one for my son!
The first drop I've found that's worth shipping to Aus for. Good stuff
Can this knife be easily opened with one hand?
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Ahh I see. Ive seen some of the colored Shuffles with blackwash.The stonewashed is a nice finish too. It hides scratches and scuffs. Here's a 7 year old stonewashed Kershaw

My experience is that mine open very easily with either hand.
Great deal on a darn good knife. I always buy a handful of these and give them to friends and coworkers for b-days or Christmas gifts.